The Galleries program of Ringling College of Art and Design includes exhibitions and activities that celebrate the work and production of students, faculty and alumni. The concept of the project was to create a “map” of the two cities of Sarasota and Antwerp through the collective sensibilities of young artists and designers over a period of six years. Jeffery Cornwell studied at Ringling College of Art. Artists Illustrate on Basch Gallery Walls. Screenings on Tuesday, May 10 from pm and Friday, May 13 from pm. Best of Ringling Awards Ceremony – private event. Beginning in October and running through May , the Ringling College Galleries will offer a diverse array of exhibitions and related programs.

Galleries at a Glance: Richard and Barbara Basch Gallery: And not just with the student body. Tuesday, February 13, This builds a strong bond of trust between the students and faculty, translating into a focused and engaging learning environment. Noted Illustrator, Regan Dunnick, is also an entertainer and astronaut with a world-wide following. Made up of artists whose work has attained national or state-wide recognition, the purpose of the group is to stimulate attainment of the highest standards of creative art within the State of Florida.

Jeffers, through his abstraction of everyday observations and politics, Denham, through her more or less evolved versions of humanity and Daher, through her alternative methods of working which remind us of our mark on the environment. To complement these motion design courses, students choose from numerous electives to explore and develop additional creative talents. Wednesday, January 10, Motion Designers will be critical members on teams that create content, structure and functionality to all of these emerging fields.


Students enhance their college education through involvement with department programs and activities building strong personal networks through shared participation and interaction. Celebrating 60 YearsIn the month marking the 60th anniversary of Ringling School of Art and Design, this exhibition will highlight the current diversity and talents of Ringling’s award-winning faculty.

There is an ssnior to crafting effective images, and it falls back to the understanding of communication design principles.

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Friday, April 8, pm, Saturday, April 9, pm. Analysis of a scene with composer Christopher Ruggiero. Link to campus gallery map Docent Tours: Discover awe-inspiring work and thought-provoking insights from the art world.

Images left to right, top to bottom: This exhibition is comprised of four paintings and 26 drawings, demonstrating his extraordinary facility with pencil and pigment. Thursday, January 11, Special Screenings and Events: Smith, Basch, and Stulberg Galleries: Ringling College of Art and Design.

Additionally, his monograph book Will Cotton: Ignacio Guajardo-Unanue Ignacio recently graduated and is currently working at Bioware. Baltimore Orioles jumbotron client project.

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Allyn Gallup Contemporary Art. September 16 — October 5, Opening Reception: Thompson Academic Center Photographer Noelle McCleaf explores thdsis of memory, relationship, and identity in the southern landscape. His detours from his previous marked accomplishments always lead him in a new direction that is exciting for the viewer.


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They are typically more positive, less stressed and find that they are surrounded and supported by other positive, like-minded students. Ringling College 2 weeks ago.

ringling senior thesis 2015

Through a constant dialogue with industry professionals and recruiters, we assess the relevance of the projects, techniques and software, all with an eye on industry practices and professional expectations. The exhibition will showcase a selection of her past projects.

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Matthew Holler, Trustee Scholars. The structured curriculum, dedicated faculty and latest technology and facilities are what make the Motion Design program at Ringling College extraordinary.

ringling senior thesis 2015

Monday-Friday pm Crossley Gallery: Thfsis addition to the principles and elements of design, he embraces the use of 3D to help students push compelling expression and backstory into every asset.

Crossley Gallery is a beautiful state of the art gallery and exclusively admisntered by Fine Arts students in collaboration with our faculty.

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Ringling College Galleries are free and open to the public. Thompson Academic Center Auditorium Feb. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have, just send us an email at the addresses below.