I just think that is fascinating. Overall, Soo Bahk Do has become one of the things that I hope to continue because I hope that if I continue training I will continue to become a better and stronger person. The Ten Articles of Faith on Mental Training are harmonized in the three flags we salute before any training. My flexibility has also increased and although I am not the most flexible person I will continue to work on it. At the age of thirteen, I finally managed to convince my parents to let me take karate classes. Soo Bahk Do is a sort of healing method for me.

He has taught me that through hard work and discipline that I can become anything I want to be. He has told me that he will only let me test for my Dan if I am ready. One time at school, I was playing freeze tag with some friends. I have learned how to be able to work really hard at something even though it is hard or I do not want to do it. However, through my training, Soo Bahk Do has showed me an entirely new side of honesty. Through much work on my part, they finally let me go, and I had one of the best vacations of my life.

My friends that are testing with me are awesome when it comes oso supporting you, they help me when I need it, they give me advice when I ask for it. MiaBella Brickey is our senior Cho Dan with a unique story.

Saluting the Republic of Korea flag reminds me to cooperate with my brothers, respect my elders, be a faithful student and teacher, and be faithful with friends.


A forty year old might have the progression of an infant if he has no courage. From this connection we benefit by strengthening our techniques. I have learned through Soo Bahk Do that essag and idleness gets one nowhere; I cannot expect to know all my requirements for essya test had I not been active in my process of training.

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We always know the right thing to do, the right path to take, but often, we, as humans are inclined to take the easier path over the more difficult, but righteous one. Snarr is a very exciting person that is very fun to train with because he makes sure that I know that he is there to help me achieve my Dan.

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I meditate at times on why, if forms and the art itself have been passed down verbally or visually through many years, that the art has not had more changes, or more evolution. Esxay board may not be exactly the same as a mental barrier, but they definitely complement each other.

My Mom wanted me to do a Martial Art. It takes the same courage to do a class presentation, that it does to get up and break a board. Soo and focus of action and energy at a single point in time and space is one of the goals and benefits of training in shim gung, neh gung and weh gung. The concept of Ryu Pameaning style, flows down divided naturally is a concept that the Grand Master speaks of in a positive light in our Volume 1 textbook; but natural divisions of style are different than personal evolutions through verbal and visual teaching.

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How there are the heavens, the earth, the fire and water. I am loyal to my friends and other peers by helping them and listening to what they have to say. Posted in Dan Essays. As I became stronger and as my understanding of the art grew, I found myself loving it more and more. Through my reading, current quantum mechanical theory is a more logical candidate for the physical description of Ki. Soo Bahk Do is something I look forward to every week and I enjoy it a lot.

But, after I did all these scary things, I realized they are fun. Further, when the Dan practitioner performs the art in the manner dictated, the art feels correct to the practitioner, because the practitioners body is aligned and behaving based on the physics of the movements and the flow of the energies, that have been studied and included in the art for many centuries.


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soo bahk do ee dan essay

Soo Bahk Do has become a big part of my life even outside the studio. Some originated even before but these traditions began at some point in history. Dan Bon’s list was created by Kwan Jan Nim Hwang Kee in to identify those already certified in Moo Duk Kwan, at first only 4 students completed the training for Cho Dan, among them was the late Master Chang Kim who has the Dan Bon number 1 The Dan Bon tells us the place that all Dan members have on the list, regardless of age, weight, height or country, your place as a member will always be respected.

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All of the eight key concepts are very important, but for me, one stands out especially; that is honesty. This courage allowed me to doo into an intimidating atmosphere where I knew nothing and no one; it to allow myself to make innumerable mistakes in my process of training yet still persevere; and this courage allowed myself to open up to completely new and exciting part of life that I had never known before.

Sa Bom Nim Corrales told our class that our plate of food should always be colorful and that if it is naturally ee it is most likely a very healthy meal. The Grand Master went to great lengths to document why these movements feel correct through not dl study and research and training, but by also documenting in Volume 1 the physics of the movements. This implies extremely focused Shim Gung, mental clarity and precision of action. Movements are done in a certain way for similar reasons.