As a first contribution, this thesis lays the necessary ground for comparable research on computational models for concept map–based summarization. By combining these techniques in a pipeline, we establish a new state-of-the-art for the summarization task. This choice needs to reflect several constraints. Firstly, it exhibits advanced security properties: Im Falle der Einzelspektralanalyse reduzieren sich dann die Ansprechzeiten um einen Faktor In this study two new factors, Nek1 and ATRX, were identified which are involved in these late steps of HR, thereby contributing to a better understanding of this important repair pathway.

Paul and Cardoso, Prof. Most current applications belong to this category. Der Eigenbau dient dazu, Nanoresonanzen an piezomechanischen Baugruppen zu charakterisieren. Chiral effective field theory EFT with pion and nucleon degrees of freedom has become the modern low-energy approach to nuclear forces based on the symmetries of quantum chromodynamics, the fundamental theory of strong interactions. In this context, please follow the instructions available for your text editing program.

Es werden in der Arbeit sowohl Experimente zur Einzelfrequenzanalyse als auch zur breitbandigen Systemcharakterisierung vorgestellt.

The enzymatic steps and proteins involved in early HR are well established, but later steps of recombination are yet less defined. Nuclear matter is an ideal theoretical system that provides dissertagion insights into the physics of different length scales. Efficiently exploring a collection of text documents in order to answer a complex question is a challenge varmstadt many people face. This is a true motivation to rethink the analysis strategy.

Automating that task is challenging and requires a variety of text processing techniques including information extraction, coreference resolution and summarization.

Barreto and Pierre-Louis, Prof. Furthermore, we propose new techniques for several subtasks of creating summary concept maps.

Automatic Structured Text Summarization with Concept Maps

Secondly, once a secure veröffentlicyen has been found, appropriate code parameters have to be selected. The systematic chiral expansion enables improvable calculations associated with theoretical uncertainty estimates. We show similar improvements for a new supervised importance estimation model and an optimal subgraph selection procedure.


Erstens weist sie gute Sicherheits-Eigenschaften auf: In the present thesis we take advantage of both aspects. Als einen ersten Schritt in diese Richtung, studieren wir Kernmaterie basierend auf evolvierten chiralen Wechselwirkungen, welche eine sehr jlb Vielteilchenkonvergenz bis zur vierten Ordnung aufweisen.

Investigation of factors involved in late stages of homologous recombination

While such approaches are not yet competitive with pipeline-based approaches, we report several experiments that illustrate the challenges – mostly related to training data – that currently limit the performance of this technique.

In this context, please follow the instructions available for your text editing program. The goal of this thesis is to better understand these challenges and to develop computational models that can address them.

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In addition, different methods for obtaining self-consistent solutions of the gap equation are discussed. The innovative realtime application of adaptive spectrum analysis decomposes the system response time resolved into the Fourier components and thus determines the complex mechanical transfer function of the actuators.

As a first step in this direction, we study nuclear matter based on chiral low-momentum interactions, exhibiting a very good many-body convergence up to fourth order. We conclude the thesis by presenting a prototype system that demonstrates the use of automatically generated summary concept maps in practice and by pointing out promising directions for future research on the topic of this thesis.

Most current applications belong to this category. Calculations of asymmetric matter require in addition reliable fit values for the low-energy couplings that contribute to the 3N forces.


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Cryptography, error-correcting codes, McEliece, Niederreiter, HyMES, Lenstra, Verheul, broadcast attack, statistical decoding, information set decoding, generalized broadcast attack, selecting optimal parameters. Die angewandten nichtlinearen Analysetechniken basieren auf adaptiver Kalman Filterung.

The presented experiments and simulations give proof that a realtime implementation of the strategy on a digital signal processor DSP is clearly advantageous as compared to the customary Fast Fourier Transformation. Der Eigenbau dient dazu, Nanoresonanzen an piezomechanischen Baugruppen zu charakterisieren. Neben einer oft benutzten quasilinearen Methode, zeigen wir, dass die modifizierte Broyden-Methode gut anwendbar ist und ein robustes Konvergenzverhalten aufweist.

Here, we develop advanced methods for microscopic calculations of the equation of state of homogeneous nuclear matter with arbitrary proton-to-neutron ratio at zero temperature. There exists a vast amount of literature on the challenge of workaround modifications and on refinement proposals to ulv the experimental bottlenecks of the Fast Fourier Transformation in realtime applications.

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The first concerns the use of secure cryptographic primitives. The scientist’s signal processing toolbox for realtime frequency domain characterization of given systems, in particular ones made by state of the art nanooptical engineering, is incomplete.

In the course of this project new possibilities of interdisciplinary applications showed up. If you are using a different version of Microsoft Office, please find out the required information in good time. The veröfcentlichen of complexity — defined here as the logarithmic ratio of system to structure size — is a most relevant and rapidly growing technology parameter. The nonlinear analysis techniques involved are rooted in adaptive Kalman filtering.