These courses can be taken for variable credit and spread over two semesters. This required coursework varies by major. Students are matched with thesis mentors during the sophomore year where possible, or in fall of the junior year. Should you ever wish to continue your studies in some graduate or professional program, this award will clearly identify you as one of the very best students at UVM. In the unusual event that the proposal is not approved in the semester in which ENVS is taken, the thesis proposal must be approved no later than November 1st preceding a May graduation or June 1st of the same calendar year for December graduates. How do I select a topic for my thesis? A formal thesis proposal is due to the instructor of NH and the thesis mentor by Week 8 of the spring semester of junior year.

Use Travelocity or a comparable site to establish flight costs if tickets have already been purchased, provide the exact cost and a copy of the receipt at the time of application. The completed thesis is due to the advisor and defense committee at least one week prior to the scheduled defense. Thesis proposals will be completed in the spring of the student’s junior year, in the appropriate research course. While RSENR students may choose a thesis advisor through these courses, students most frequently identify their advisors through specialized coursework in their program and major. Students may contact Amelia Wilcox Thesis due date A completed thesis is due no later than the last officially scheduled day of spring classes in the student’s senior year, with an electronic copy submitted to BSAD Student Services.

When thesis credits are spread across multiple semesters, students making satisfactory progress towards completion of the thesis in the first semester are awarded a grade of Satisfactory Progress SP for their first semester of thesis research, and course credit is awarded. During this time you will work out a rough outline for your thesis, and, with the help of the Reference Librarian librarian contact for Honors College students is Patricia Mardeusz,patricia.


Use Travelocity or a comparable site to establish flight costs if tickets have already been purchased, provide the exact cost and a copy of the receipt at the time of application. CNHS students wishing to go abroad during the junior year may be permitted to take NH in the fall of senior year.

Without these approvals, plus all the other parts of your proposal, your application will not be reviewed. CALS students planning to study abroad in the spring of their junior year and thus unable to take CALS during that semester must instead take HONthe thesis preparation course offered by the Theiss College, in honnors fall of the junior year. All students must submit ALL the appropriate application materials.

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A letter of faculty support may be delivered separately; evidence of home college thesis approval, must be attached. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

Though it is the biggest thing you will do as an undergraduate, you shouldn’t collwge of it as an overwhelming project. The honors thesis is the single biggest hurdle to graduating as a Honors College Scholar. Whom can I turn to for help? You will most likely find it to be the most exciting, fulfilling and rewarding experience of coollege undergraduate career. Students typically identify a thesis advisor through courses taken in their major department, through their HEC work, or through the curriculum of HON During their junior year, students must typically complete credits of Honors requirements in their home colleye or schools designed to help them develop their projects and prepare for research.

Unlike the typical research paper, then, the thesis will present and defend a view that is distinctively you own. By the last day of the examination period complete the defense and submit the completed written project.

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Once the final grade is entered and the fall SP is converted to a standard letter grade, that letter grade is calculated as part of the GPA. Since Honors College students complete a thesis, practicum or creative project in their senior year, this program in particular invites students to apply who need monetary assistance to complete or prepare for these projects.


Funded students are required to present their work at the annual Student Research Conference held in April each year.

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At that point, the Chair of the Honors Committee will certify that the thesis work has been completed successfully. Your thesis supervisor should ensure that the grade for your thesis is applied to both semesters of College Honors work. Additional thesis presentation requirements Thesis presentation and defense must be publicly announced at least one week prior to its occurrence.

Students must complete an hour-long oral defense before their 3-person thesis committee.

uvm honors college thesis

Unsatisfactory Progress receives a grade of UP, and no credit is awarded. Students with dual majors may write their theses under the supervision of either major, or both. The thesis defense usually occurs in the last week of classes. During the fall of the junior year, students take NHHonors Seminar.

The thesis approval and defense process varies by major and department. Late September or February depending on the semester in which collwge thesis work will begin submit the completed application by the deadline. Think of the thesis is your chance to explore in depth some subject you find exciting or perplexing. The work, Harriet says, was valuable for shaping her future experience at UVM and beyond.

Course names and numbers vary by department and major. Additional thesis presentation requirements As explained above, thesis approval and defense requirements vary by major and department. Students who are already engaged in their honors research project.