This allowed me to check for external correctness. Tell your friends about me. Guessing Game Homework 6: For the final, it consists mostly of programming problems and less of the mechanical problems seen in the midterm. DNA I thought the previous assignments were not too difficult and very intuitive, but the DNA assignment was definitely the one I thought was the most difficult out of all.

On January 2, , my instructor emailed back giving me approval to post this. Although I had self-taught some programming basics using online tutorials, they were mostly in Python and not in Java the language used in this class. The price Amazon shows isn’t always the lowest. Show me how to post my homework. A course about Java.

The main focus of this assignment was to use for loops and static methods to reduce redundant code once again focusing on maintaining clean readable code. Checking my own programs with different inputs was also very necessary since there might be an edge case or another test case that was not given in the sample outputs. I am constantly telling my non-CS friends to take just to try it out.

uw cse 142 homework

So if you pass the variable of an array to another method, then that method can access and change the values of the same hmoework since that variable only contains a reference to the actual array. Each had their own specification document and sample outputs to check their external correctness.

Even though I had some basic knowledge from before, the class was not “boring” or “useless” in any way.


Here are links to two style guides detailing good style and clean code from the CSE course website for my quarter: The assignments were somewhat cumulative since each assignment built upon the fundamentals of the previous one. Instead, we were restricted to writing classes that extended another class.

The exams were not graded on internal correctness csf instead on external correctness. Office hours will be on Wednesday.

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The Indenter Tool fixes the indentation of your Java Code. The main issue I had with this assignment was the difference between arrays and other data types. Show me how to post my homework. GeoLocation This assignment is given during the week of Thanksgiving break so it is specific to the Autumn quarter. Using for loops did not work because the client program asked us for csse single move each time and for loops would not be able to “remember” which move we were yw.

Mad Libs Homework 7: The price Amazon shows isn’t always the lowest.

CSE 142: Computer Programming I, Spring 2017

Even though the final has significantly more content, we were fse given more time to complete it. Focusing on for loops, parameters, and graphics, we had to create a Cafe Wall illusion with DrawingPanel.

This difference in programming language was not a significant issue for me as this class was intended for students without prior programming experience. I completely enjoyed the class, and Helene was a fantastic lecturer.


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Find CSE study guides. The main focus was to use while loops since the number of iterations we needed was bomework. Just do my homework!

uw cse 142 homework

For both the midterm and final, although there are plenty of other resources, most of the review I did was from Practice-It. Midterm The midterm content included: I loved the class and the homeaork, and the assignments are actually fun it doesn’t feel like typical homeworkso I usually finished the assignments the day they were assigned.

uw cse 142 homework

I will not be posting my code publicly. I found the class to be easy, but very very fun. Song This ces focused on static methods and println statements where we had to write a program that would “output a cumulative song in which successive verses build on previous verses.

uw cse 142 homework

How hard is it to get into the CS major? Abravenewworld And, about how well you need to do on midterms, homework. Get YouTube Red Best of views; 1 month ago; 1: A main reason is that it doesn’t have autocomplete.