Statistically Visaginas stands out for a high sickness rate. In , RATA identified a site close to Ignalina for a near-surface final repository for low- and intermediate-level wastes and the government approved this. To this end, the first Lithuanian-Polish electricity link — LitPol Link 1 — should be put in operation by the end of and an additional LitPol Link 2 should be built in In January — the month following the shutdown of Ignalina 2 — electricity prices increased by Updates Latest update

However, thanks to the financial crisis, the involvement of the other three countries is in doubt. In October , the Lithuanian government informed the European Union about their construction plans [5]. Net exports were 1. This was adopted by the government, which proceeded to invite expressions of interest by major strategic investors to supplement the role of regional partners in providing a plant up to MWe. The EU efforts will show the states how to shape their future growth in modern global challenges. There are many other factors affecting the project, not least of which is a shared desire of several countries in the region to not be too dependent on Russia for energy. Jan Beranek , Greenpeace International , Netherlands.

The town was relatively wealthy.

The estimated price is 17 billion Litas 4,9 billion Euros. Holding companies in Latvia Further Information Notes a. Ensuring national security is a commitment to the Lithuanian people.

Visaginas NPP – Nuclear Heritage

Belarus claims to have answered all the questions put to it regarding siting the plant. If, however, Lithuania decides to scrap the project completely, it will have to cover all of the costs incurred during the planning stages. The whole economic acti- vity and some of its consequences first of all the number of employees and the volume of income are attributed to the municipality of Ignalina. In January — the month olant the shutdown of Ignalina 2 — electricity prices increased by Above this, cooling towers would be necessary.


Visaginas Nuclear Power Plant

During the accession negotiations it was agreed that Lithuania would phase out these blocks in and News our news blogs external news. In an interview with the Lithuanian TV-station LRT, Gediminas Kirkilas, chairman of the Committee on European Affairs of the Lithuanian parliament, said, Brussels was considering reimbursing Moscow for these costs and added “there are talks to this effect Planned Nuclear Power Plants Although Russia and Belarus have not finalised appropriate procedures according to the Espoo Convention obligations, both have already started preparatory work on the new construction sites.

This project to build two VVER units is seen as a direct rival to the Ignalina replacement project 3. The Visaginas nuclear power plant was originally to be a joint project between Lithuania, Poland, Estonia and Latvia.

Retrieved 14 July Retrieved 25 February Views Read Edit View history. Retrieved 22 August Due to the high cost of imported gas, MWe of gas-fired generating plant is due to be closed in and MWe more in Lithuania’s partners in plam project, Estonia, Latvia and Poland participated in the evaluation to determine which of the two proposals was “most economically advantageous.

Originally the Iganlina plant was designed to provide power not only for Lithuania but also for neighbouring Latvia, Belarus and the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad. Stay up to date Sign up now for all BankTrack’s news as it happens in one monthly digest.

visaginas nuclear power plant business plan

Also the economic prospects of the MWe Baltic plant then under construction in Kaliningrad, km from Vilnius, would lower greatly improved, though this has since been put on hold due to lack of customers.

The work group stated that continuation of Poan NPP project is possible only if it meets “additional conditions”: The refinery, which was renamed Orlen Lietuva, is the largest refiner in Central and Eastern Europe and is the largest buyer of Russian oil in Europe.


visaginas nuclear power plant business plan

It became a member of the International Atomic Energy Agency in The Lithuanian Seimas approved the government-sponsored proposal for the construction of a new nuclear power plant outside the Lithuanian city of Visaginas on 21 June. Electricity visaginaa increased dramatically following the closure pllan the plant at the end of The government planned to discuss unresolved project issues with Hitachi, Latvia and Estonia during nuclezr develop an action plan to resolve them, including bringing forward grid synchronization among Baltic states and with the EU.

Visaginas NPP, electricity connections to Poland and Sweden, regional natural gas terminal, underground gas storage, gas connections between Lithuania and. Demand sufficiently covered The reactions from the Baltic and Polish TSOs make it abundantly clear which obstacles the Russians are facing in their attempt to establish an EU electricity grid including the Baltic States and Kaliningrad.

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The narrow focus in Lithuania on nuclear power is preventing the development of clean renewable energy solutions and is a barrier to energy efficiency measures. The strategic investor is expected to buy a controlling share in the project implementation company. In July the government selected Hitachi as strategic investor, though it will be GE Hitachi which does the engineering, ;lan and construction EPC contract.

A number of factors have heightened security of supply concerns in the region, including: