Just 4 days ago, I’ve received the letter saying that my application is successful. Thanks advance for the reply. Hi, my school actually did this for me so I am not clear exactly which department should verify it. Hi Cheryl, I am not sure which website you refer to. You should visit the International Students section on our website.

Anonymous 27 November at Hi,i have questions 1. If you didn’t receive it on the spot, then you should be receiving it in 3 months time I think. First, make sure you fulfill all the requirements for this application. Hi, I don’t have one. When I call the lady incharge of my application, she said just wait for the letter but I haven been waiting for quite a bit.

Because I applied payment hold for diploma loan due continue study, but when I apply exemption for degree after 3 years they asked me to pay my diploma loan outstanding RM7, from time being, total RM20, only they will proceed my application.

Not getting any evidence of the documents I’ve submitted was my biggest mistake! As mentioned to you previously, it’s a long process to get it successfully, and finally you got it, applicwtion

application letter for ptptn loan exemption

Else, it would take more than 2 months and might pass my 12 months grace period. Hope you can offer me some good suggestions. But all application should be sent within one year after the date of graduation. Vivien A 23 April, It’s me writing again, finally, after so long! Kuala Lumpur, 26th March Anyway, I am extremely kiasu la!


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Can I know how was the term indicated? As the condition of repayment exemption wrote that we need to “Completed the studies in the period stipulated in the PTPTN education funding document of agreement.

The official letter should be the one that serves as an acknowledgement or proof regarding your PTPTN has been exempted successfully. I am no idea about the procedure to claim back those money. Articles Van-Guarding the Future: In loa case, what should I do? So at the end I chose to applicatlon my documents via pos laju, and my application was approved within 1 month! FYI, “pendaftar bahagian akademik universiti” is where you will be given your hard copy certificate after your convocation ceremony.

Documents that needed in this application: Hi, my school applicarion did this for me so I am not clear exactly which department should verify it.

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Thanks, have a nice day: And how to define the first class honors? Please confirm with ptpt PTPTN officer in your nearest branch because every branch might has different processing method. Do you need personal loan?


application letter for ptptn loan exemption

Is it base on my own instituted rank or based on local university rank as what i heard is that, some cgpa of first class honors in private university is lower than those local university? Third stage wait manager to sign and approve.

It is quite unfair that I got to complete my course in less than 3 lettr while the others can complete in 3 years time. This article is simply a tiny personal experiment sharing. I found it very useful: The completion of the whole course is 3 years; but I still have few semesters to go.

application letter for ptptn loan exemption

Hi, Just give it a shot. Here’s How I Did It.

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Thanks for your time. You can call them after one or two weeks. Shishio 2 February at Definitely one of the best things that happened to me in If you have not received it, please click here.