The thesis is divided into three chapters. But usually the main allegation against lip-synched dubbing is the loss of authenticity ibid. Therefore, as the hidden meaning would probably be not identified by Polish audience the translator applied cultural substitute and introduced Bronx instead. The following divisions are based on the theories provided in the previous sections. What is more, this choice has further consequences as the line is spoken by a monkey who discusses whether or not to go to Lincoln Center.

Consequently, to make up at least partially for the losses, compensation was applied Examples 16, 17 and Term search Jobs Translators Clients Forums. Naturalisation adapts SL word and makes it seem more adequate to the TL in terms of morphology and word-formation. In other words, formal equivalence is oriented on preserving the form and the content of the source language as much as it is possible while in the dynamic equivalence the focus is on the response of the target audience. He claimed that it should not be considered only as a text but has to go beyond, shifting the point of interest in translation studies. Therefore the translated version does not include the original reference as it simply would not bring to the target audiences’ minds the same connotations.

BA Dissertation bardziej przypomina prace magisterska. Many elements had to be adapted for the needs of the target audience. What is also important, dubbing allows the audience to watch a production without the necessity to follow an additional text of translation appearing on the screen and interrupting reception as it happens in the case of subtitling this attribute favors especially children, illiterates and elderly people with sight deficiencies what in turn minimalizes the audience’s cognitive effort.

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Vote Promote or demote ideas. Throughout the decades scholars and theorists of translation were investigating the ways thesie which tlumaceznie aspects influence rendering a work of translation. English I also admire the thesis in the report about the importance of providing continued support, in particular, to disadvantaged regions.


English If there was a competition for the best doctoral thesis on the Treaty of Lisbon, the text of the report by the Committee on Constitutional Affairs would deserve first prize and the highest praise.

As the concepts of Christmas and Halloween are easily recognized among the Polish audience, there was no need for translating those two elements along with the previous ones. This specification consists of the categories and procedures applied strictly to this thesis thus it shall not be considered as a complete overview of categories of cultural aspects and translation procedures in tlhmaczenie.

English Since October he has worked on a doctoral thesis under Prof. It is not present in Poland and the name has no equivalent in Polish. This observations shall be carried on later on.

The Polish line simply explains explicitly that the character is heading for the train station as well as gives an additional information that the tnesis is to be found on the left – right after a pedestrian crossing.

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Audiovisual Translation from Different Angles. In this case an additional information about the plot is needed: Why not have a go at them together!

Example 12 Oh, Knicks lost again! As a matter of fact, without any problem only one procedure could be traced in each example.

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Savage aliens from the savage future! In examining the possible ways of translating cultural aspects the following typology of procedures shall be applied: As Tomaszkiewicz emphasizes, this is only an overview of the ways in which translator can overcome the difficulties connected to cultural elements transfer. The author enumerates a few basic techniques of cultural elements transfer: Example 17 Guys you’re just embarrasing me.


A new dynamic umbrella’, in Orero, P. However, aspects of Polish culture are still present in the Polish version — the modifications of some dialogues allow us to see that it is in fact always possible to domesticate or at least culturally neutralize an animated film even if the ST is tyesis marked for SC.

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Example 14 I just wanna dunk him in my coffee. On the other hand it is tlumaczenoe to mention that a translation too dynamic can be far more dangerous as it can be traced only by comparing the source and target texts Hejwowski Context sentences Context sentences for “thesis” in Polish These sentences come from external sources and may not be accurate.

Venuti’s domestication and foreignization In in the book The Translator’s Invisibility: For that reason, the translator applied cultural substitute to convey the same information.

Thus, the following sections are an overview of concepts which will be helpful in systematizing the material analyzed in the final part of the work as well as a few classifications of translatory techniques which focus on translating cultural aspects.

I’ll stick to my original thesis. This example shall be also analysed in terms of anthroponyms in the following subsection. Therefore, the cultural substitute applied to this line again changes significantly the original message in order to evoke an intended effect on the target audience.

However thesjs may happen that a product or brand is present on the TC market Example 2.