Posted by Chandu at 1: Posted by Chandu at For all the efforts I put, I can say, its solely because of II. Posted by stylesen on Oct 22nd, at 8: I will be missing my friends and I am carrying back ample amount of memories to cherish them in the coming days.

Traverse the first row and then the last column and then the last row and then the first column. This became the last day of II on my comp. A copy of my dissertation report and my final viva voce presentation is available as attachements to this post report and presentation were created using Latex and Latex-beamer respectively, email me for the sources. Hi Biswajith, I dont think they will provide internet access. Submit the project updates to your Professor Mentor before the deadline. It was swapped with data structures and algorithms. It was a dissertation semester.

The complete source code is available here.

Completed Master of Science @ BITS, Pilani

And the results turned out to be as expected. I just dissertatoon in campus for 1 hour and campus is awesome. This is how JJ looks on my comp. With the launch of the hyundai-eon. Then, the result corresponding to the entered usn will be returned in the form of a file object by urlopen function.


Its usual that the vpnclient while installing for the first pjlani on Linux, it gives few error messages reporting to the missing library files, header files. Hi Senthil,I have viva Bits hyderabad next month. It provides the engineers to leverage the power of open source technologies, freedom of implementing the code using the open source technologies based on engineers choice and its feasibility and flexibility.

bits pilani ms dissertation

Kamesh Jayachandran Manager Development – Subversion Engineeringwho guided me and reviewed every bit of the work which I did as a part of my MS programme. We got the results after 2 months from the day of project presentation. I will get back to you.

HiI have my viva in the first week of April, appreciate if you mail me the details about the process of viva and what type of questions asked to you? Is it really required to do MS at all?

bits pilani ms dissertation

Selecting a project Submit the project’s technical overview before the deadline. If its installed, remove it from synaptic package manager.

Many of us often come across this situation while we are in B. But over a period of 4 lectures, I had a hold of it.

On a weekend I bought all the pikani books. Rg Dissertaion report and viva Could you please give me the mid sem report and share me your viva minutes?


I got the sample document for dissertation. Since the Comprehensive exams will be Open book, we might take it very lightly and not prepare well, and end up like I did. The weekend cricket, trek, quarterly trips and team meetings and many more.

My Views – Criticisms are most welcome 🙂

If you have any suggestions on improving it, you can comment. MS abroad is the easiest way to settle abroad. Friday, August 5, Last day at NetApp!

Keep doing this until you fetch the order number of elements in a matrix. I scored 3 sixes and 2 fours. Extract them to a specific directory.

Interia – Polska i świat: informacje, sport, gwiazdy.

I was trying to write the code for the same. As of now, JJ looks so cool and lightning fast.

bits pilani ms dissertation

Looking forward to apply for the First semester which is my actual 2nd Semester. Finally, I could install it today. I have had a wonderful experience playing cricket at LSI. Posted by Chandu at 6: Python pickling helped me rule out the problem.