That kind of blind fandom also breeds the antithesis of that person; the hate monger. I don’t actually have a particular horse in the race, I neither like or dislike Vaati. If true, a creature’s “darkness” may be measured by the blackness of its blood. Amazing effort, but the fact that almost none of this is readily apparent to the average player means that the game’s narrative is largely a failure. For some reason this is the first Souls game that I haven’t been totally absorbed by. We’ll likely never know just how much he used and tbh paraphrashing someone else’s stuff is kind of worse in a way. But in Bloodborne , ” essence ” is “Blood”.

If the Doll is a reflection of Lady Maria, her sanguimancy becomes far less mysterious. Gehrman is a tall, thin man. It’s one thing to gather a bunch of communal knowledge and act as a dispensary of sorts, it’s another to base your stuff mostly on rewording an entire document. The Pthumerian Culture The Corruption Rune

Maybe some holes in there, but it makes sense to me.

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Simply to release this black poison into the environment, could be something The Moon Presence actually wants. Naturalists Naturalism is a broad term, covering a very wide range of ideas, from variations on materialism to social and political ideologies. That Dark Souls reddit thread about Vaati plagiarizing Deddan was also deleted iirc. So much so that people believed in “blue blood” and the innate superiority of the ruling class.


When the doors of Eleum Loyce were flung open, the place turned frigid and lifeless, but the golems remained dutifully on guard. Are Hunter’s then related to beings with dark blood?

bloodborne lore thesis

Known as the holy blade, for the the magical moon blade he wielded he was regarded as a true hero of the church and Ludwig and his church warriors tried valiant to try and stem the scourge.

Ebrietas uses red blood for spitting. There doesn’t seem to be any difference in the other liquids discharged. Chhinnamasta is generally depicted as a red woman, accompanied by two servants, who drink the blood from her severed neck. Along this line of thinking, is it possible that something jumped through Maria’s frame?

The Bosses of Bloodborne

Follow the symbol of the monarch, and do what must be done. It’s an odd choice of words, with Paleblood being both the color of the sky and an NPCbut I believe it may be rooted in notions of bloodbornd ” blue blood “. These dark sorceries were described as “weighty”. The sky there is a very pale blue.

The indescribable sound is broadcast with the caster’s own vocal cords, which begs the question, what terrible things lurk deep within the frames of men – Beast Roar.

bloodborne lore thesis

Great One Coldblood – “This uncanny relic defies understanding. It’s the links to these female characters that has led me to regard Amygdala as a female, in spite of the Lord, therefore male, logic.


Eleum Loyce and Pregnancy One of the twisted souls, steeped in strength. What this altogether means is left unspecified, but the essence of Merkabah may not be far off, as the king is also a symbol of the rule of law.

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I’m afraid I’ve dropped them in a puddle It does not change, no matter which Chalice is used. I can’t help but notice the locations whose Moon remains unchanged Forbidden Woods, Hemwick, etc. Why they do this is unclear, but it may be a form of sacrifice. The most common Souls are white and are left behind by humans.

All that was cut and dry because there was an image involved that couldn’t just be explained away. Demon’s Souls intro cinematic: Blood-starved Beast The Blood-starved Beast is a very complicated case, with different types of blood and different blood depending on where it is found.

Ceaseless Dischargebloodbornne other characteristics evoking a Centipede Demon. Join the page discussion Tired of anon posting? That reminds me the Brain of Mensis The miasma of death exudes from the sword, a veritable toxin to any living being.

bloodborne lore thesis

Lothric is also stated to have had a wet nurse, The High Priestess.