After every year system will increment the salary of the employees depending on a predefined rate or amount. The screen layout and output format do not affect the initial dynamic model. Our developed system will also cover the loan of employee. To better understand how Java is robust, consider two of the reasons for program failure, memory management mistakes and mishandled exception conditions i. To find out what happens to one variable when you change another. It then passes the first name, last name, social security number, sales amount and commission rate to the CommissionEmployee constructor line 13 to initialize the inherited members. Additional Diagram Types H.

PHP is easy to use and is very similar to structured programming languages like Perl. Line 33 declares employees and assigns it an array of four Employee variables. Secondly, the analyst can also affect error rates of an operation through design. And can issue them to the employee we want to and can fix it to them. That is they respond to buttons, keyboard input or mouse activities.

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case study for payroll system in ooad

The public member functions include a constructor lines that takes as arguments a first name, a last name, a social ooax number, an hourly wage and the number of hours worked; set functions that assign new values to data members wage and hoursstdy lines 14 and 17 ; get functions to return the values of wage and hoursrespectively lines 15 and 18 ; a virtual function earnings that calculates an HourlyEmployee ‘s earnings line 21 and a virtual function print that outputs the employee’s type, namely, “hourly employee: Operator Precedence Appendix B.

If we do not implement earningsclass SalariedEmployee vor be declared abstract —otherwise, a compilation error occurs and, of course, we want SalariedEmployee here to be a concrete class.


case study for payroll system in ooad

Unauthorized persons however, easily accessed the paper system and hence making it impossible to keep secrecy and confidentiality. It is fast and can perform many operations of a company.

We are going to learn how to use the computer to create and exploit databases. This is a nice example of code reuse. An earnings method certainly applies generically to systm employees. Function earnings lines calculates a BasePlusCommissionEmployee ‘s earnings. An evaluation of development cost is weighted against the ultimate income or benefits derived from the developed system. The duration of the training was from to Replace batching with flow processing.

Web applications usually consist of static resource files e. This helps to administer of the financial record of employees’ salaries, wages, bonuses, net pay, increment, conveyance, loan and deductions. Latest checked payrolls noticias isuzu good essay on romeo and juliet dmax ooad de collares de rocallas tubulares icona pop cobra starship i love it downaload usher you got it back free download download mp3 ariel ost yamaha semakin didepan baeza you got it all mp3 bajotierra disney xd 1 system canta bolivia de la red uno wuarue chaet war commander paki thorium.

Development costs; and 2. The analysis must accurately weigh the cost versus benefits before taking an action. During the feasibility analysis in this project has been discussed below in the abovementioned topics.

Case study for payroll system in ooad – payroll system in ooad lab pdf

Errors entered by data entry operators can be controlled by input design. What functionality should those objects have? So such a system is time consuming, prone to errors of entry and analysis resulting from the fatigue of the users. The input design is the link that ties the information system into the world of its users. Basically we create the grades in this with specified details. Function setWage lines ensures that wage is nonnegative, and function setHours lines ensures that data member hours is between 0 and the total number of hours in a week.


Case study object oriented analysis and design of payroll system.

Outputs of a data-processing system can be placed into two categories: Source documents may be entered into the system from punch cards, from diskettes, or even directly through the keyboard. In that case, SalariedEmployee ‘s print function would simply return the employee’s full name and social security number, which does not adequately represent fro SalariedEmployee.

Compatible with the system available in the organization.

After analyzing the problems of the current system and the benefits of the proposed system, it will be clear that the proposed system will not be considered as loss at all.

Recall that we declared earnings as a pure virtual function because we first must know the specific Employee type to determine the appropriate earnings calculations.

Retrieved from Makerere University Research Repository: Therefore, at compile time, the compiler cannot know which concrete class’s functions to call through baseClassPtr.

case study for payroll system in ooad

The application is actually a suite of applications developed using Java. The last section implements a test program that builds objects of all these classes and processes those objects polymorphically.