The union advised thewater women not to participate in this training. It was found that at high currents with unbalance, the 11 kV Incomer-2 was tripping without indication. The second demand charter, submitted on 4 June, contained ten demands, the prominent among these included: There were 89 employees in the category. Immediately on takeover, the first major issuewas themode of salary payment. The posters employees related to issues like promotion, error grievances mostly posting, in administration-related issues, amenities-related issues pay-slip, This content downloaded from

Necessary correction wiring of contacts was done and Unbalance was simulated to check the correct operation of the relay. Comprehensive changes took place on HRM front. Instead, the current was going through the series trip coil, thereby making relay settings redundant. It even employees making provided for sharing of gains from the suggestions. The union advised thewater women not to participate in this training.

The meetings were cordial.

When asked the possible reasons for the visible signs of dissent in the union’s ranks which led to the above a DVB-scheme manager, who had an astute developments, understanding of the employees and union issues in ndl company, remarked vase follows: Average restoration time o Grid tripping: After this training they could engage themselves in these activities and earn some extra money.

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case study on ndpl

The CEO declared thatbefore going home thatday he wanted to sign those cheques. While the earlierHR chiefs strengthwas believed to be mainly in functional HR and HR strategy, the new HR chief had expertise in labour law and industrial relations matters as well. Evidence from Two Tata Companies. It re-defined the structure to ensure the company’s 24 hour accountability to the consumer.


NDPL also had thepolicy of posting the employees mostly near theirhome to ensure that they remained energetic. In fact, we organised several activities during that week including promotion of work culture, effecting need-based transfers, organising blood-donation camp, slogan competition, and tree plantation.

But the lower cadre semi especially literate employees had a lot of apprehension regarding bank transactions. In the sphere of degree welfare, hardly any need of the employees has been left unattended.


As the interconnection between NC Contact and Neutral terminal was disconnected due to defective lug crimping, the unbalance current, whenever present, was not being bypassed by the NC contact of the relay.

One lakh for against work-related accidents for a accidental injuries; premium was cover value of Rs. It was wrong to dismiss Pathan, as he himself was the victim in that episode. DVB had given uniforms to lower-level workers and white-collar staff up to the junior engineer level.

ndl After a series management’s negotiation of stufy, the entire body of the union along with theHR managers settled it at Rs. It adopted Bawana village as an SOS village, and paid forbooks, clothes, toys,etc. Theywere seen counseling the employees on the issue of electronic transferof salary, and even would visit their homes and colonies to convince them. A “Grievance was devised. The comparative performance of the company speaks for itself.

The idea, the CEO making, papad-making, company’s claimed, was that they could live a dignified work lifeand not sit idle.


Pradip alleged that JaiLai group had lost the support of the rank and fUe,was hand-in-glove with the NDPL management, and had sacrificed the employees’ interest. It was found that the series trip relay CDGthough not operated gave a trip signal to the breaker when secondary injection was carried out on Phase to neutral CT.

This was not because of any vindictive attitude of the management, which is too nice; but theyhave the pressure of performance on them like it is so in any private organisation. DVB employees, who enjoyed immunity for theirmisdemeanors, had built temples inside the corridors and premises of most DVB offices.

(PDF) Case: Cooperative Employee Relations at North Delhi Power Ltd | Debi Saini –

These two unions were: The company unilaterally gives the employees’ due before hand. Instead, the current was going through the series trip coil, thereby making relay casw redundant.

case study on ndpl

They went to theCEO’s office and in a heated meeting with him demanded dismissal of Pathan. In terms of output, quality ofwork was very poor, which led to organisation of quality training.

They nd;l itwas a question of only Rs. Today, the union hasrun out of matters are all agenda. Many such employees were inducted at higher salaries.

case study on ndpl