Well, I hope you’re happy. I think I’m recording the game, but, you know, you can never know. Right now, you’re teaching me how to be a little bitch. Why do you think you melted down? The last time, I got six hours of Bravo. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

I guess there’s your answer. My parents didn’t even know I was in it. You know, with solar power, it takes four days to roast a chicken. It was so, so liberating. I will be referring back to your post for ways to relief stress.

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I’m not attracted to you. You know, I’m — I’m sure they can. Some ways I deal with stress is dunpny out with friends and also staying organized and making sure I am not falling behind in school, making myself even more stressed.

I’ve got a thing for Latin men. This morning, one of my students rajt a speech about being a student in which he equated the time spent at school to the time spent at a job.

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Skip to toolbar Home Log In Search. Thank you for your comment, yes I do think that its partially our fault but also the teachers since they should help the student manage the time. And how is he fitting in now? She thinks that she can flirt her son all the way to Washington, but I’m gonna take her down. Dunphy, is that a flask? I know not everything dunlhy be accomplished in the 45 minutes students sit in our rooms and I know they have to be prepared for the next level and the next level after that and the next level after that and I claore that for some students homework acts as a way to keep them out of trouble although, dunhy, are those kids doing homework to begin with…?


claire dunphy homework rant

I’m just gonna say it — I never trusted her. Hey, you’re supposed to be the lookout. These activities such as track and field, and badminton help relieve stress.

I like the way I’m wired. Hey, guys, listen to this. Furthermore, I agree with you when you say its not solely the students fault because you can get multiple assignments from all of your classes which would increase your work and stress you out greatly. So, when do you think you’ll be making your decision? In Newton there have been three suicides in less than four months among the high school kids. This begins with good nutrition, uh, physical activity, sportsmanship, and attention to personal hygiene.

It smells like French fries!

Modern Family s05e12 Episode Script

Maybe it happened and we didn’t see it, but I’m surprised Claire didn’t find herself in the principal’s office with the rest of the family after her outburst in that AP Calculus class. Why do you think you ddunphy down? He asked what job an adult could possibly have that required not only a full day at the office, but then an additional three hours of time spent working from home every evening. There was no prize. How can you be going on a date and you don’t homewoek her name?


Haley, Luke, upstairs, please.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. I think you will. That includes the opening scene at Alex’s birthday party: Nice comment Elliot and Adam if your reading nice post. Whatever she did, add it to my tab. To answer your question, yes, some forms of stress can be beneficial. But there were other things I worried about — Spanish inquisition, sailing off the edge of the world, learning how to understand fire.

claire dunphy homework rant

OK, so it’s not as if it’s a deep, dark secret which episode of Modern Family is my favorite, since I’ve mentioned it many times since I started this blog. It’s older than you are.

You think you can get this thing to work?