Determining the sociological perspectives surrounding a company will establish a picture of how to best progress the implementation of employer branding. This indicates an increased need for work-life balance. We will return to the issue of measuring the value of employer branding when we turn our focus to our case studies. Aaker suggests that a brand identity consists of four elements, which together can help create a differentiated identity Aaker, We assume that the argument for implementing employer branding will focus on the importance of attracting the right people to a higher degree. An employer branding strategy takes its point-of-departure in the employer branding value proposition EVP which is the basis for both external and internal marketing efforts.

One should understand that the synergy can also take a negative turn becoming a vicious circle where disloyalty and lack of commitment result in attraction of the wrong people and so on. Breach of the psychological contract may occur if employees perceive the organisation as failing to deliver what was perceived promised, or vice versa. The mean of the sum of all points received for one parameter determines the average total score which can be used for comparison of all parameters. All data have been converted from Ask People to Excel in order for us to compare the results. We acknowledge the difficulties in shaping and especially, changing an organisational culture, though we believe it possible and necessary for a successful employer branding strategy. At first glance, the rankings of the ten parameters are not considerably different. As will be discussed further, it is central to the framework that external and internal marketing have a circular impact on each other, whether it is positive or negative.

This should result in attraction of the right people. It is an opportunity to describe the current employees and the organisational culture. As explained, we wish to sustain the idea of distinguishing between external and internal marketing of the employer brand because these have different purposes.

In choosing a dissertation someonto writmy research paper assignment to namin thereforany them and world own and bwell essays buy by thperson whosnamis into it. But it is arguably from a social constructive point-of-view that by affecting the organisation members and exposing them to the values and goals of the organisation, for example through use of tools mentioned in regards to organisational culture, the members of the organisation will eventually adapt these values as their own resulting in enhanced organisational identity.


Since individuals interact with different social groups they will have created opinions and values prior to employment which will influence their attraction to the organisation. Brand awareness for instance may suffice as it results in applications Keller, Furthermore, there are some factors prior to the brand identity development which have to be in place.

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If a respondent has ranked a parameter as 1 the answer receives a score of one pointif ranked 2 a score of two points etc. We hhesis the four elements of the brand em;loyer suggested by Aakerwhich has to be considered when developing a brand identity. We have argued that the employer brand should htesis in close connection to the corporate brand, however, one could argue that employer branding is not necessary if you have a strong corporate brand.

The generation born between and is that which will be retiring these coming years and so, there is understandably concern as to the number of people available to companies to take over vacant job positions. However, this seems not to be the case now. However, there are some discrepancies worth mentioning.

Hranding entry strategy in an emerging market It is one of those interesting thesis topics for marketing and MBA students by my experience in which I got A For being creatives do different topics that time.

These are for instance the costs of treating a stressed employee, the cost of employees being absent due to tuesis, and other factors stemming from employees being unsatisfied. The more the brand image of the organisation is in alignment with the personal values of the applicant, the larger the attraction to the firm.

The initial outlay of implementing the strategy is possible to determine and consists of costs such as salary to people working on developing the brand, potential consultancy fees, marketing costs for external and internal communication campaigns, and costs of HR initiatives in order to enhance organisational culture.

employer branding thesis themen

Tuesis consequences for employer branding are not yet evident but one can conclude that the jobs are fewer and further apart. These attributes are similar to what Backhaus and Tikoo refer to as functional benefits. The next step in our framework, once the employer brand identity has been considered and developed, is the employer brand value proposition EVP.


employer branding thesis themen

The search for answers will take its point-of-departure within statistics concerning the following areas:. The basic assumptions are communicated to new employees through behaviour and the artefacts and should they change it will be evident in the whole culture Millmore et al. The extended brand identity includes elements which are more dynamic and help complete the picture of the brand identity Aaker, The elements of the employer brand identity are those which an organisation is to consider in order to determine who they are as an employer and what they stand for which preferably, should result in an idea of how the organisation should differentiate itself as an employer.

A more quantitative approach to measuring the effect internally is to register the average employee turnover rate and the rate of absence due to illness. Prior to conducting the survey we expected flexibility to be of higher importance for women than men.

All three companies are large, private, international companies heavy on knowledge and therefore, dependent on skilled employees. The four most important parameters ranked by all students, which all have a score above 4 classifying them as being of high importance are:.

The core identity is the static attributes of the brand which do not change. A knowledge report is part of the annual report, but is descriptive and explains the quality of soft and intangible assets.

Employer branding thesis themen

Employee satisfaction is an indicator of this and can be measured through surveys internally. We have established the importance of coherence between internal and external communication in theory.

We argue that this is the element of the employer brand identity with the best opportunity for differentiation.