Then men climb the nearest mountain to greet the first sunrise of the New Year. We are a group of young Mongolians who want to report on everything related to Mongolia. Life in the Countryside. Jacob appreciated my literature essay. Tsagaan Sar is one of the two most important holidays.

Information about different aspects of Mongolia, including culture and traditions. Lunar New Year or Tsagaan sar The Revival of Buddhism in Mongolia Essay. Mongolian Culture Nomadic based culture. They come and greet him according to the ritual called Zolgokh:

Tsagaan Sar – A National Holiday of Mongolia

Every family prepares hundreds of raviolis with meat called buuzand the balconies become giant freezers. Then men climb the nearest mountain to greet the first sunrise of the New Year. This essay was originally published by China Brief, Volume 5, Issue 10 May 05,a journal of the Just before the Aboug Sar or New Year’s celebrations, a economic influence that the Abou currently exert over Mongolia.

Large and small dumplings are steamed.

Send us your request, and we will answer you within 24 hours. Otgontenger, Zavhan Aimag Sheep are Mongolia’s most important livestock.

With the sunrise, the greeting ceremony starts: Home Guide Mongolia Activity Tsagaan sar moon essau. People start to prepare Tsagaan Sar many weeks before the beginning of the festivities. Buuz are the traditional dish for New Year. Women make milk tea and offer the best of it to earth and shrine.


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Mongol Uls is the Mongolian. The White Moon holiday is celebrated two months after the first. Free Take a look at written paper – aloha monkey. The next morning, people get up before sunrise, get dressed in their nicest clothes and walk in directions prescribed by the zodiac to start the new year in the right direction.

The Khadag on the arms, the guest puts his forearm on those of his host, while uttering the phrase “amar baina uu? Mongolian traditional holiday Tsagaan Sar Tsagaan. During Tsagaan Sar, the Mongolians also follow the ritual of ovoo to thank gods and nature.

Mongolian Lunar New Year, Tsagaan Sar – National Holiday

C HINA is the most engrossing. Last year Zorig arrived home just in time for Tsagaan Sar. We are a Reigstered Member of:. Herders camp near Mt. While the men exchange their snuffboxpeople generally discuss the course of the winter. These are published in the newspaper and are determined according to Chinese zodiac.


Families make several hundred to several thousand buuz dumpling cooked by steamingbansh small dumpling cooked by boiling: Examples from and Images and articles on Mongolian culture and history, Mongolian history-online resources, including Indo-Mongolian Society lecture papers. It has tradition to be celebrated the first day of White month. sr


Security, quality support and comfort are our main concerns. Mongolians cook three important dishes for the event. During the greeting ceremony, family members hold long pieces of colored cloth called khadag.

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Celebrated throughout the country, the festival remains a holiday that Mongols most look forward to with renewed hopes for happiness and prosperity. Esswy Mongolian Lunar New Year Tsagaan Sar is one of the most important festivals of the Mongolian nomads, celebrated for more than years.

essay about tsagaan sar

Tsagaan Sar traditions are several centuries old and Mongolians really respect them. The nomads day festival.

People start their preparations for Tsagaan Sar one month beforehand. Everyone then shares traditional Mongolian food and offers goodwill to each other.