If the master’s thesis receives the grade FX, a single attempt can be made to improve it, or a new thesis featuring a new topic can be written, but only once. If there is any inconsistency or More information. The Head of Programme has discretion in this matter. This English translation serves information purposes only and has no legal force. In the first semester,.

Holders of a business-oriented professional baccalaureate completing a commercially oriented work placement as part of their baccalaureate studies are entitled to have this placement, completed after graduating from a Swiss Fachmittelschule, count towards the requisite professional experience. Objectives and More information. The Danish language version of this document is the only. Studies undertaken on a part-time basis parallel to professional activity or responsibilities as a carer are predicated on such activity being in the order of at least 50 percent. In the first semester,.

Master in Business Administration Specialization: The grade obtained in subjects where applicants sit both a written and an oral test is an arithmetical average of the two marks rounded to the nearest tenth of a mark commercial rounding rule.

Procedure relating to the introduction of admission restrictions; c. They replace earlier versions of the Degree Regulations. Applicants may declare themselves prepared to study at more than one site or ask for their names to be removed from waiting lists at any time for as long as that applicant’s thesi is entered in a waiting list.

Thesis topics are reviewed and approved by a panel consisting of the Head of Programme and at least one Module Coordinator from the relevant master’s programme. Programme Schedule This Programme Schedule applies to: The compulsory subjects and criteria for fulfilling the elective compulsory subjects are contained in the accompanying list of modules.


Efficient information and communication systems support innovative business. Should the linguistic competence be deemed inadequate, the candidate can be asked to provide formal evidence. If the master’s thesis is awarded a grade below 4.

Regulations governing the bachelor`s degree programmes

The Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies hereafter, the Institute awards five disciplinary master s degrees More information. For any case of thssis proceedings More information.

Holders of a vocational baccalaureate with evidence of having received training of a commercial nature during or prior to their studies are excused from having to provide evidence of professional experience and can gain admittance to a programme immediately following their vocational baccalaureate.

fhnw hsw bachelor thesis

Taking each case on its merits, this formal evidence can be furnished prior to the commencement of studies or during the course of the first semester as determined by the Head of Programme. Regulation on doctoral studies at the Agricultural Theiss of Iceland Art.

Admission requirements More information.

fhnw hsw bachelor thesis

Applicants prepared to enrol for the same programme at more than one site of the FHNW School of Business will be entered in each of those sites’ waiting lists. Their assessment is based on the written thesis and the student’s oral defence of it. Prior to embarking on their theses, students will be informed of the requirements relating to the topics of master’s theses, the procedure relating to the process and the assessment procedure.

It is for the Head of Programme to decide the relevance. In the first semester, Thesid information. This Regulation refers to the doctoral studies at the Agricultural University of Iceland which is carried More information.


Human Resource Management – LM This programme addresses the design and implementation of the best combination of HR strategies to support the organisational More information. This new programme will More information. Curriculum for the Master of Laws LL.

[PDF] Regulations governing the bachelor`s degree programmes – Free Download PDF

All compulsory and elective compulsory modules have been passed or recognised, if judged to be of equal valueand b. Fhns minimum number of ECTS credits have been earned in thesix of the module groups or recognised, if judged to be of equal valueand c.

German — Communication 2. Curriculum for the Master’s Programme in Economics Curriculum for the Master’s Programme in Economics At its meeting on 20 June the Senate approved the version of the Curriculum for the master’s programme in Economics, which was resolved on 27 May More information.

fhnw hsw bachelor thesis

This new programme will. List of modules Assessment stage Bachelor’s thesis Page 5 of 6 Valid from: The master’s thesis is marked by the supervising lecturers.

They replace earlier versions of the Degree Regulations More information. Marketing This programme addresses the design and implemention of the best combination of marketing efforts to carry out a firm’s strategy in its target.