Funny Birthday Wishes Specially Mixed With Sarcasm


We are so proud to tell you guys that we are posting today some sarcastically funny birthday wishes. We have made these funny happy birthday wishes without any help of any outer sources. These birthday wishes are 100% genuine and fresh. We asked our team to create some happy birthday funny wishes and after choosing from lot’s of birthday wishes, we are posting here some of the best birthday wishes that we found humorous and sarcastic at the same time.

Funny Birthday wishes
Funny Birthday wishes

Funny Birthday Wishes

  • Hey happy birthday. Congratulations one more year less from your life.
  • Wish you a very happy birthday.Hope you don’t even get noticed today.
  • I have not drunk a drop of beer from last few moths.I’m saving my thrust for this your birthday.
  • I have messaged you to tell I’m not coming school today. What day today is? Oh it’s your birthday. Happy birthday too. I’m not coming school today.
  • You know I never have good friends. From schooling to all the stages of my life, I never had one. Then I met you at collage and I lost all the hopes of having a good friend ever.
  • Happy birthday brother. Mom told me to message you this. otherwise I have sent you HBD only.
  • Happy birthday dear. You are the best girlfriend/boyfriend I ever slept with. Wait. No It’s only you.
  • To my dearest friend ever, No Its not you. Happy birthday normal friend.
  • Can you imagine a weekend where you and I sharing a beer on a beautiful beach on your birthday. No can’t imagine this with you. Happy birthday anyways.
  • Your birthday should be on 29 February so that I have to wish you once in four year. Happy birthday.
  • You are getting aged. Go get married.Happy birthday.
  • To my younger brother. I want to tell you something on you birthday. You were adopted. Happy birthday
  • Happy birthday dear brother. At least have a girlfriend. You are getting aged.

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We were requested to post some funny birthday wishes. So we made this post totally dedicated to funny birthday wishes. You can use these funny birthday wishes for friend , sister , brother , lover accordingly.

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