Happy Birthday Wishes: New Top 100 Quotes & Messages


We have come up with Top 100 totally fresh birthday wishes with a great variety which you are about to like. It took us days to make these happy birthday wishes and we insured the quality of wishes to make you guys able to wish your near and dear ones with best birthday wishes ever. We have included various kind of wishes like Birthday wishes for friend , Birthday wishes for brother and Birthday wishes for sister. We have also added extremely sarcastic and Funny birthday wishes that will make your friend go ROFL when you will wish them with these on their birthday.

Happy Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday Wishes
Happy Birthday Wishes
  • “Wish you a very happy birthday dear.”
  • “Happy birthday dear. God bless you with lot’s of joy and success.”
  • “This is your day. Make it to be remembered for whole life, Happy birthday”
  • “ The love and affection I have for you  is something that I can’t fit  in one day or in just one wish quote.So All I can say in short is happy birthday dear”
  • “Wish you lot’s of fun on this colorful day of your life. Enjoy the day. Happy birthday.”
  • “There are lot’s of opportunities are waiting for you in your future. I hope you recognize them and make it large. Have a great day. Happy birthday”
  • “This day add one more milestone to your life. Wish you a very happy birthday”
  • “May god give you a long , happy and prosperous life. Happy birthday”
  • “It’s not because your birthday you are so special today. It’s because you are special always. Happy birthday.”
  • “Happy birthday dear. I wish you have a good day ahead.”
  • “Hey someone special. Happy birthday”
  • “Happy birthday dear. You are doing well in your life. Keep it up”
  • “Happy birthday dear. I wish you this year bring you more achievements”
  • “You are the one who brings smile on my face always. i love you for this.”
  • “Bury your past and plant your future on this day. Happy birthday dear”
  • “You are smart,cool and true at heart guy. Happy birthday”
  • “I’m always confused what shall I call you. A friend or a brother or a guide. You are everything to me. Happy birthday dear”
  • “This age is to do something that is out of box. You are doing well. keep it up. Happy birthday”
  • “Your birthday is almost perfect. Just my wishes are less. Ok let me complete it. Happy birthday”
  • “Forget whatever bad happened to you and gift yourself a new life today. Hapy birthday dear.”
  • “The older you are getting, The hotter you are becoming. Happy birthday dear.”
  • “Don’t let your age stop you ever. Happy birthday.”
  • “Age should not be an excuse but an experience. Happy birthday”
  • “No matter how old you get, My love for you always be same. Happy birthday.”
  • “This is not just a wish message. I’m sending love to you. Happy birthday”
  • “You are awesome. Happy birthday”
  • “Happy birthday dear. May God give you good surprises in your life.”

Happy Birthday wishes for Friend

Happy Birthday wishes for Friend
Happy Birthday wishes for Friend
  • “A birthday without friends is a birthday wasted. Let’s celebrate the day. Happy birthday”
  • “This is the day that comes once in a year on different-different  days for different-different people. Today is your day. Make it large. Happy birthday”
  • “You are the best friend I can ever have. Happy birthday dude.”
  • “ You not Growing older, You are growing mature. Happy birthday.”
  • “Happy birthday. Make every moment of this day a good memory.”
  • “No more formalities, Just lot’s of wishes. Happy birthday dear.”
  • “I think age have no effect on you. Happy birthday.”
  • “Wish you a very Happy birthday dear. Party Party Party.”
  • “Let’s not blow candles, Let’s  blow the party. Happy birthday”
  • “Happy birthday. Get ready for kicks on your ass”
  • “Happy birthday dear. May all your dream come true.”
  • “I don’t know what I should wish you with. We be together whole day and there is not even any time when I can message you with a wish, anyways. Happy birthday.”
  • “I have too less friend because I choose less but good ones and you are best of all of them . Happy birthday”
  • “There are lots of places like facebook, Whatsapp and all where I can wish you but the wishes will be the same. The positive ones. Happy birthday dear.”
  • “Nothing will be more precious than the moments we have shared together. Happy birthday buddy”
  • “People get jealous of me because I have so loving and caring sister. Happy birthday dear”
  • “I have shared and I will share my every moment with you. Happy birthday”
  • “Good wishes comes from good friends. Best wishes comes from best friends. Happy birthday dear.”
  • “While God made something in name of friends to me, You were the only idea God had. Happy birthday dear.”
  • “A day without your company is a day wasted. Happy birthday buddy.”
  • “Wishes are formal. Meeting normal. Meet me at evening. Happy birthday.”

Happy Birthday wishes for Brother

Happy Birthday wishes for Brother
Happy Birthday wishes for Brother
  • “Hey buddy. You are the coolest brother I can ever have. Happy birthday”
  • “May be I never show but I love you brother. Happy birthday”
  • “May be I don’t have something that you want on your birthday but I guarantee you brotherhood. Happy birthday dear.”
  • “Promise something yourself today and make it happen till your next birthday. Happy birthday dear”
  • “You know what you can do something that is beyond a normal guy’s strength. I Have seen it in you. So I hope a happy life for you ahead. Happy birthday”
  • “A friend, A Well wisher, A guide what you were not to me. Thanks for all this. Happy Birthday.”
  • “Thanks for years of brotherhood. Happy birthday brother.”
  • “You have protected me from all the worries and problems. Thank you. Happy birthday brother.”
  • “I wish all your wishes on this day and everyday come true. Happy birthday dear brother.”
  • “Just want you to remind that this is your day. Get up and party hard. Happy birthday.”
  • “You are growing older and wiser. happy birthday brother.”
  • “Happy birthday brother. Enjoy your day like you never enjoyed”
  • “We have grown ages with each other. Congratulations on one more year of it. Happy birthday brother.”
  • “A very happy birthday to the person who always guided me through my problems.”
  • “Happy birthday to second most loved children in family :D. Happy birthday brother”
  • “A very happy birthday to the person who is and will be always a inspiration for me.”
  • “Success is not how much you earn. It’s how much you learn. Happy birthday brother”
  • “Brothers for life. Happy birthday brother”
  • “We connect with not with words but mentality. Happy birthday brother”
  • “I’m always with you except whenever we are in front of our parents. Happy Birthday Brother.”

Happy Birthday wishes for Sister

Happy Birthday wishes for Sister
Happy Birthday wishes for Sister
  • “I proud to have you. You are the best sister ever. Happy birthday dear”
  • “May we used to fight too much but those fights are something that I miss now. Happy birthday sister.”
  • “I can’t forget the sacrifices you have made for me. I will repay you.Happy birthday dear sister.”
  • “Happy birthday dear. You are the most lovely girl I have ever had in my life. lot’s of love.”
  • “I wish that all the wishes that you get today come true. happy birthday sister.”
  • “Happy birthday dear sister. You are special to me”
  • “Honestly you are the best sister I can ever have. Ok no more lies. Just happy birthday :D”
  • “Happy birthday dear sister. Have a good day ahead. Enjoy”
  • “Happy birthday sister. You are my proud”
  • “Sisters are like the second mother. Happy birthday sister.”
  • “Happy birthday to my first ever friend.”
  • “Feel free to ask whatever you want. Happy birthday dear.”
  • “There are lot’s of thing by which I want to express my love to you. This wish is one of it. Happy birthday sister.”

Funny Birthday wishes

Funny Birthday wishes
Funny Birthday wishes
  • “Happy birthday dear. Take the wish throw the party”
  • “Happy birthday dear. I Wish god give you lot’s of success and money so that you throw us some great birthday bash.”
  • “Happy birthday dear. Let’s disturb the peace world is having.”
  • “Happy birthday dear. How older you are now? 80 ? :D”
  • “Do you know What is the most interesting thing about you? Nothing. Just a birthday wish. Happy birthday.”
  • “Wishes looks formal. Come at my place and I give you punch in face. That will be my wish. Happy birthday.”
  • “It’s better to be young and stupid than being old and wise. Happy birthday”
  • “Happy birthday buddy. Let’s not let neighbors sleep tonight”
  • “I’m lucky to have such fantastic friend. But that’s not you 😀 . Happy birthday buddy.”
  • “Friends wish on birthday. Best friend abuse. Happy birthday dear”
  • “For every birthday wish you get, You have to spend extra 100 bucks on birthday bash. Happy birthday dude”
  • “It’s your birthday today. That’s why they are caring too much. Tomorrow you will be same as us 😀 . Happy birthday”
  • “May be I never show but I really do NOT like you 😀 .Happy birthday .”
  • “I like I don’t care but deep inside I still don’t care 😀 .Happy birthday buddy.”
  • “Happy birthday dude. Have a fake smile birthday at you home and then come to my place for real birthday bash.”
  • “Getting older day by day but no maturity as well. Happy birthday buddy”
  • “Two best friends are almost gays. Their is just one thin line. Very thin 😀 .Happy birthday”
  • “Happy birthday dude. May god give you lot’s of money to spend on us”
  • “I always remember your birthday not just because you are a good person but also because you throw good party. Happy birthday Dude.”

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These birthday wishes above are totally fresh. We have written all the happy birthday wishes above ourself. Hope you guys will like these wishes on birthday. Like comment and share us. Stay tuned for more happy birthday wishes.


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