You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Case Study is now available. I’m not sure if this topic is allowed, but since the Case Studies have been out for a year now, I think it should be fitting right in. Challenges include these areas: Blowing Up the Book is a wall street journal article that discusses the future of e-books and the possible enhancements publishers may start to include. There are also functions for searching and annotating eBooks.

Amazon have a number of free enhanced e-books which you can download for the Kindle or the Kindle Reader software. Download the lesson here: Through their investigation of the case study, students should be able to:. On the otherhand, this means that they will be able to cater to a wider variety of audience and thus have a better involvement in the local and the state wide market. Posted April 10, Recent Posts by Barbara Stefanics. There are also functions for searching and annotating eBooks.

Not all terminology that a student many need is explicitly stated, but most be acquired in context ccase the two years of studying ITGS. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Two recent photos posted in the media and on Twitter are an abrupt awakening to how spectators are choosing to experience live events.

ib itgs case study 2014

You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign In Sign Up. Their site has a wide range of material explaining the e-book creation process as well as related issues such as DRM technology. The Case Study booklet explains how Cobb Publishing may want to develop e-books with interactive features in the future.


Register a new account. Teacher Knows if You’ve Done the E-Reading highlights one possible enhanced e-book ‘feature’ – e-books that can gather statistics about how or if they are being read. Section B Students answer one of three structured questions based on the HL extension topics.

Through their investigation of the case study, students should be able to: This does not only mean for use in class discussions, but equally important for writing both documentation for ITGS Projects and responding to questions on ITGS examinations. Posted April 11, Tech in IB SchoolsVision: These materials remain here for reference only.

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These questions are designed to familiarise students with the Cobb Publishing case study, to ensure they fully understand the key parts and vocabulary, and to link it to their prior igs. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Sign in Already have an account? When information is found it is good if the same set of tags are used by all students in the class.

ib itgs case study 2014

In some instances, syudy information may be provided in examination questions to allow candidates to generate new ideas. It also features a nice table that shows which enhanced features are supported in each e-book file format – this itself could lead to a useful discussion about file formats and compatability.

Enhanced eBooks from eBook Architects has a great page relating to enhanced e-books, covering a wide range of material that can be included such as video, audio, and animation and a wide range of examples to highlight how this technology cse be 20114. Blurb have a very clear, well laid out gallery of enhanced e-books with full interactive previews SourceBooks produce a range of enhanced e-books. The caee shows spectators snapping photos of actors as they arrive at the theatre.


I hope you will find these useful. Libraries struggle to stock their virtual shelves delves deeper into the library e-book lending issue, explaining how popular e-books are with library customers and how wary publishers are of e-book piracy. Lulu is another well regarded company for self-publishers.

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Posted April 10, Latest Posts Should Language and Literature teachers give more privilege to the politicians? An investigation into Big Data.

They also provide an insight into some of the problems mentioned in the case study booklet, such as the wide variety of file formats that are available, the specification differences between devices, and the vastly different capabilities of each. Cobalt is a key element in lithium-ion rechargeable batteries required for mobile consumer products such as cellphones, laptops and other mobile devices. The ITGS Project has undergone a number of changes since the first Guide was introduced in for first examination in However, candidates are expected to conduct secondary research into real-life situations similar to Wearable Technology — Kita Health Tech KHT and relate their findings to information collected through primary Some starting points that may be incredibly helpful for guiding ITGS students: Giving them better working conditions and better pay After a while thoughwhich will then help solve the labor problem.