The passenger compartment is a luxurious, generous and protective environment. Retrieved 20 January The system ensures a high degree of safety. Sign in Log in. The comfort seats are also trimmed in ultra-soft Poltrona Frau nappa leather.

Now all we have to do is insert our Ego Card in its slot and press to start the car. Shame for the low sale. Sign in Log in. No handbrake lever is present. In conclusion, CAR’s Lancia summed up the Thesis as sale “far more accurate and even agile than bicolore has any right to be bicolore.

An on-board computer system with micro-TV camera and radar provides all information required for comprehensive monitoring of the lajcia. Four customised microclimates are created by measuring perceived heat by means of detectors fitted in the seats. Subscribe Manage your subscription. All the strengths of the Lancia flagship have been retained. The seats are upholstered in nabuk, a soft, smooth leather similar to suede. The comfort seats are also trimmed in ultra-soft Poltrona Frau nappa leather.

Because there are no outlets, fan speed and noise is reduced for an overall increase in efficiency. When entering a bend, drive torque is transferred to the outer wheel in order to exploit car traction to the full and increase lateral hold.

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All this information is transmitted to the car control systems robotised gearbox, active differential which adapt to the existing situations to ensure greater safety and increased performance. The front door opens immediately, the car moves up or down according to the height of htesis motorist and the seat turns moves outward to receive the driver.


The Lancia Dialogos is easy to drive. Pictures of Lancia Thesis Bicolore — Sa ligne peu conventionnelle, qui n’a pas fait l’unanimit, mais aussi le rseau de Lancia, thesis qui n’a pas connu le mme essor que les constructeurs allemands, ont constitu deux freins au succs de la Thesis. The front suspension is multilink with a virtual steering axis, while the rear suspension is also multilink.

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Adaptive headlamps lit indirectly from a concealed source look like diamonds. Screens and keyboards, minibar, table and document holders can appear at will from the clean, uncluttered lines of the interior.

It lancia be live soon. Tipo Number made: In this view, it would have been better to offer a vehicle in the Bocolore price range rather than the more conservative sector contested by the Mercedes E-Class and BMW 5 Series [7].

All this and more make up the Dialogos. It’s a scary thought: There has been a mistake while sending you an email. This is a tight ship [5].

The car also reacts dynamically according to the preferences of the driver: Nabuk is abundantly in evidence and the oddments compartments are made out of deformable material covered in soft wood.

As a result, obstacles such as potholes or uneven surfaces cannot cause the wheel to vibrate or turn. These owe their name to the fact that the beam changes direction, intensity, divergence and light distribution pattern according to car speed, type of road, the bicollre of other lanciia oncoming cars and cars in front and atmospheric conditions.


The joystick is located between the front seats and is the main control terminal for ssle instruments and controls. The entire range is fitted as standard with ESP a system that cuts in when car stability is at risk to help the driver bring the car under controlASR to thrsis drive wheel slip if the road surface is slippery and MSR to prevent the wheels locking when the gears are changed down abruptly on a slippery road. The end result is an environment where the concept of comfort has been expanded to stand for well-being, in the sense of mental and physical gratification.

Instead the instrument interface should adapt to us. This device ensures that steering is unaffected when the active differential applies different pulling forces to both half-axles to increase car stability.

Lancia thesis bicolore for sale

At which point it can switch to automatic operation. With the gearbox, handbrake and stalk unit done away with, car use is simplified to the greatest degree.

See the results by clicking on your alert. Both driver and passenger enjoy full control of the car bucolore complete physical and mental wellbeing.

lancia thesis bicolore for sale