Most television or the increasingly popular web-based animated shows are done in 2D and they certainly have large audiences. Marini started her career in broadcasting in with TV3 Malaysia in sports production and brand management. Chief Executive Officer Vision Animation. Topic 2 Homegrown Hero: Vaibhav Kumaresh Director Vaibhav Studio. This session discuss critical factors and tips that make an animation hit.

Shared Services – 12 September He has been extensively getting Toy World involved in licensing programs from internationally acclaimed brands such as Disney, Marvel, Universal Studio and Cartoon Network. She also focused her time on coaching licensing agents and ensuring that best practices were shared within the region to have a win-win business situation. But there is still an important place for 2D animation in the world of entertainment. Also was part of the early years of Primeworks Studios and had a short stint at Creative Servicing Department CSD managing the sponsorship and creative side. Costume Fun Run 5 Aug ’18 Cyberjaya.

Shish has also worked as a Technical Animator on Night at the Museum Base Animation studios first animated film Wish Dragon will be released worldwide in the summer of in partnership with Sony Pictures. Introduction to Blender by Kromosom Lab The Introduction to Blender training is designed to cater for both the first time and experienced user of 3D software.

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Conducted by Vaibhav Studios Free compstition Contemporary IP Development in a Digitally Disrupted Environment This session covers the practical steps involved in pitching to development executives in this age of a fragmented media scape and digital disruption.

Big Competitio Studio The working years in Disney Consumer Products had cultivated her enthusiasm for licensing in later years. Vaibhav also teaches animation and is a visiting faculty at various animation and design schools across India.


Shorts Screening is a showcase of the year’s best works from students and professionals from all over the world.


The seven finalists were judged by both internal and external judges. Conference Registration is closed. Costume Fun Run It is absolutely necessary and vital to ensure that well-researched products can be sold to the masses.

This topic will also examine industry trends in cloud and highlight case studies which show the business value of cloud rendering as well as take an in-depth look at Zync Render, Google’s turnkey software as a service rendering platform which supports the major 3d animation packages and renderers in the VFX industry. Registration Enquiry Contact Appointment. Bong hopes that students would be quick to realize the potentials to be gained from joining such a prestigious competition.

mdec business plan competition 2014

How Leaders Will be Positioned. Kromosom Lab Free admission 3.

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Knowing how to work under Linux environment is a mddec for CG artists to add into their resume as well as enabling studios to collaborate with global studios that use Linux environment in their pipeline.

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mdec business plan competition 2014

Visual effects artists and designers. Vaibhav Kumaresh Director Vaibhav Studio.

mdec business plan competition 2014

Before joining PPI, Yoichi was a business consultant for more than 10 years at a global management consulting firm, A.

Robert Bong and Mr. Two decades in the entertainment industry from film visual effects to game development, Leong has been accountable for businses studios such as Disney and Electronic Arts to integrate development pipeline across world wide studios.


Microsoft Imagine Cup Microsoft Inc.

MDeC again partners the 2nd Annual Shared Services and Outsourcing Malaysia 2014

At the end of class, the user would be able to grasp the basic operation of Blender and 3D software generally. According to Applied Sciences student, Tan, learning how to market and brand their product was important. Fadzil has more than 15 years of experience in Multinational Corporations including Dell. VFX for Blockbusters VFX is a technology-led industry, driven by audiences who constantly expect new and spectacular visuals.

buslness This will also be a place for creative companies to meet with hundreds of job seekers from around Malaysia. Sections of this page. Registration is now closed. You are probably in a continuous content creation cycle. He also was a Head of Creative Development and experienced in doing projects for international companies such as Disney Junior, Nickelodeon, Korean animation series and other international titles.

There is not one way of trying to achieve this, and this session will talk on what is required to come up with a potential idea and describe the process of developing compftition idea to a potential commission or green light for your series.