Hi Tereya, In the application form, there should be a place where you explicitly state whether you want to start as a research student or degree-seeking student and another place to state what your final degree goal is in Japan. Great job you did here. This post is mostly about my personal experience. I have just submitted all my application documents to the embassy. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Thank you for the reply, it means a lot regardless! It is intended to compliment a blog entry I wrote about it, which can be found here.

The profile analysis was so revealing: The purpose of writing a plan at this point is to prove that you can. I have read from one of your posts that chances for getting a mext scholarship are not good if one applies for the same degree level that one already has. In order to help me put the rest of my studies into a context, I will begin with a brief study of the history of traditional Japanese line art, with a focus on calligraphy. Need to know how to find and select the best Japanese university out there for you? Hi Aishwarya, Yes, I would recommend including those six months in your timeline, but understand that you will primarily be focused on learning Japanese language at that time, so your free time for research will be limited. You might also benefit from talking your ideas over with a professor in business for their input and recommendations!

Two-four sentences Recommended Content: You can choose one of that area to focus in the research, not necessarily management.

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Feel free reseadch change it to reseafch reasonable Times New Roman 12 pt. Well this is the comment cum question-answer section. D, I think I have to write about what Japan is doing about my reserch topic, the last advance in that field… so I should read papers and get more information about what is going on in Japan about my research. If you mention that the topic is not your idea, just the professor give me, you are no different than a manual worker — who just follow other instruction.


monbukagakusho research proposal example

If you are looking for information on the new form valid beginning with the Embassy Recommended MEXT Scholarship Application processyou can find it here. However IMO it is always better to get an enthusiastic recommendation from a research assistant than a lukewarm recommendation from a bigwig professor, however many awards he has. Hi Quadratullah, Even though you studied in a different country from where you live, you still need a letter of recommendation from the university where you graduated.

Since the college whose course starts in September is my first choice, I wrote the timeline starting from September. This is the tool that I was looking for, it clarified confusing guidelines and opened my perspective about the real application scenario.

MEXT research scholarship advice, part 2: The application itself | ジョジーナ

Thank you for the reply, it means a lot regardless! Hi, Thanks for your helpful guidelines, I wanna know about the Recommendation letters: Will this affect my chances? You need to find a research question that you want to pursue and then format your proposal as I outlined in this article. They will consider your request, certainly.

monbukagakusho research proposal example

Does my research exampke to be related to my major I intend to study in japan ma in business administration? Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

I have a B- and I am very worried. You only need to submit the research plan. I mean, to me it looks perfect, however I remember reading that these things are supposed to be written in 3rd person.


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That should be obvious, and space is at a premium, so I recommend that you focus on proppsal research! Subject matter will be limited to close-ups of plants and animals, as well as portraiture.

Love this page and have been using it a lot to prepare my MEXT application. Both ways seem to have worked as far as getting the scholarship, so it seems like the key is to have a well-thought out plan, regardless of what format that plan is in.

Research Proposal

This is an individual application process and there is no guarantee that both of monbukagakusbo would be accepted, so I would recommend that you write your research plans as if you will conduct the research on your own.

Silences are not necessarily a bad thing. The Monbukagakusho Research Prep. The month course will NOT be enough to make you fluent or even at a high level. Previous Research Recommended Length: How to Write a Scholarship-Winning Field of Study and Research Program Plan will walk you through choosing a propoxal, developing a research question, and completing the final report to give you the best chance of success!

Or just zone in on uni number 1? Language tests If there is no big problem with your documents, you will be called for Japanese and English tests at the embassy. I do not think you need to state that you would be preparing for the entrance exam.

Hi Marco, Thank you for your kind words! The Monbukagakusho Monbukagakusno Scholarship Prep.