Preparing for volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. All plant and animal life within a 25km radius of the volcano was killed, including fully grown trees. Today, many millions of people live close to volcanoes for this very reason. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. This was great very helpful. However, many people rely on volcanoes for their everyday survival.

Preparing for volcanic eruptions A detailed plan is needed for dealing with a possible eruption. Heavy tephra falls caused by the activity on the southern flank occurred mostly in areas to the south of the volcano and nearly paralyzed public life in Catania and nearby towns. The Italian Government declared a state of emergency in parts of Sicily, after a series of earthquakes accompanying the eruption of forced about 1, people flee their homes. A ship equipped with a medical clinic aboard was positioned off Catania – to the south of the volcano – to be ready in case of emergency. As a volcano becomes active, it gives off a number of warning signs. Other case studies include the eruption of Mount Etna in Sicily in and Heimaey eruption in Iceland in

Warning signs Monitoring techniques Hundreds of small earthquakes are vitesize as magma rises up through cracks in the Earth’s crust. The explosion flattened buildings and trees and knocked out power supplies and telephones.

Everyone who could be affected needs to know the plan and what they should do if it needs to be put into action.

The eruption brought a heightened awareness of volcanic and seismic hazards to the Sicilian public, especially because it occurred only one year and three months after the previous eruption that was strongly featured in the information media.


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Why do people live near volcanoes?

Why do people live near volcanoes? This is helping me on my science project on examples of volcanoes. Mount St Helens lies close to a destructive plate boundary where the smaller Juan de Fuca plate is etja forced into the mantle by the larger North American plate.

Living near natural hazards; earthquakes,volcanoes and tropical storms. Another theory involves the subduction of the African plate under the Eurasian plate. However, even btiesize the eruption of Mount St Helens, scientists thought that the it might still be a few weeks away.

Predicting and preparing for volcanoes Unfortunately volcanic eruptions and earthquakes cannot be prevented. Report Mon 22nd May, It even helps my older girl who is 14 do her homework etnq secondary school. After thousands of additional earthquakes and steam explosions, a cataclysmic eruption occurred on 18 May Global climate – vulnerability and resilience 2.

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The eruption occurred from fissures on two sides of the volcano: Cawe is because they have been active in recent years and people who live nearby would benefit from early-warning signs of an eruption. Japan and Iceland Valuable minerals and metals can be found near volcanic sites such as tin, copper, silver and gold.

Another group of scientists believes that rifting along the eastern coast of Sicily allows the uprise of magma. This will be so helpful for science class and my project about mount Etna.


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The techniques available tena predicting and monitoring volcanic activity are becoming increasingly accurate. Great facts they helped me with my history, art and English work. Mudflows poured down the valleys choking rivers with rock debris, killing fish and ripping trees from their roots. The underlying causes Mount St.

Villagers also continued their tradition of parading their patron saint through the streets to the railway station, to try to ward off the lava flow.

However, many people rely on volcanoes for their everyday survival. The authorities were able to evacuate people from the areas surrounding Mount St Helens, after the areas affected by the previous eruption and they set up an exclusion zone around the volcano. All plant and animal life within a 25km radius of the volcano was killed, including fully grown trees.

mt etna case study bitesize

Sign up to Comment. Seismometers are used to detect earthquakes. Look at this video clip from an eruption bitessize Mount Etna in November Human development and diversity 5.

mt etna case study bitesize

Thanks this is stuyd good info now i know a lot more about Mount Etna. There is no commentry on the video – could you add your own explaining what is happening and why?