Can I run the school-leaving procedure in weekday evening and in weekends? Introduction and background of enterprise 3. On the day of the thesis oral defense. Please link to the website https: Products and service 4. How can I do if my professor is abroad and is unable to sign the E-thesis Authorization Form? How long do dissertation online review need?

Please clear your web browser’s cookies. If you still have not login system, try to start the POP3 service. Converting — FAQ 1. If I want to graduate in this semester, when will be the last moment that I should upload my dissertation? Collect your diploma from the Graduate Academic Affairs Office in person.

You don’t have to add watermark in your e-thesis file. I’ll go aboard for exchange program, leaving Taiwan for half year.

If you do not receive a confirmation from the office, please email the list again. It is nust to complete the Thesis Oral Defense before December 31 for the Fall semester, and before June 30 for the Spring semester.

Format & Conversion

Converting — FAQ 1. Please refer to http: Students must complete their defense before July 31 if graduating in the spring semester, and before Jan 31 if graduating in the fall semester.


When can I upload my dissertation? To avoid errors after conversion, you are suggested to use symbol fonts when inserting special symbols. Complete the thesis and submit two paperback copies and one hardback fotmat of the thesis to the library by August 20, Should I print my thesis double-sided or single-sided?

What should I do if I did not receive the review notification? Please decide on a venue and confirm with your advisor before informing the office for reservation. Can I not do the plate-making of the front cover of my hard copy of thesis? Can I run the school-leaving procedure in weekday evening and in weekends?

ntust thesis format

On the day of the thesis oral defense. If you still have not login system, try to start the POP3 service.

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Financial capital plan In order to save money, you don’t have to plate-making the front cover in your hardback copy you can still do that if you want to. If the required symbol is not found in the symbol fonts, you are suggested to edit by using the Microsoft Equation Editor in Word.

ntust thesis format

I could use Webmail,but couldn’t log in ETD system? Put the form in the first page of your paper thesis. Don’ t upload it earlier, or the system may record the graduate semester wrong.


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Where or which page should I insert the Application for delayed public release form? Uploading Process — FAQ. This is required only when students are taking courses in the semesters they are applying for graduation. However, if your thesis is a long one, we recommend you to print in double-sided.

Course Selection Result of the current semester. Should I bind the E-thesis Authorization Form into my thesis hard copy? Can I have others to help me run the school-leaving procedure?

Once an approval from the library is received, students may proceed to print out their thesis.

ntust thesis format

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Do I have to add watermark in my paper thesis? By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Thesis Binding— FAQ 1.