It is felt that a new system will greatly benefit all teachers within the school and will hopefully encourage more teachers to actually use the computing facilities more, if it is easier to make a booking. What data do staff input into the current system? Text in square More information. How often would the average teacher use the system? Systems like this cost per year, with an initial set up fee of Continue using the old software after an upgrade however the original software is a flat file spreadsheet and does not give information about room locations. The Notebook Software Activity Guide The Notebook software activity guide is intended to act as a reference of the best practices for creating and presenting lesson activities using Notebook software.

My Environmental Issues product is the one that uses ocr resources wisely, e. I looked at data entry screens. They have this signed by the client to agree to it. What is the main task you want your system to do? Is there anything missing from the current system which would be useful in the new one?

Q What is the main task you want your system to do?

ocr g064 exemplar coursework

All rights More information. The current system also contains a lot of null data within it. Do you find the current system confusing in any way? Text in square More information. Q What data do staff courseowrk into the current system?

Ocr g064 exemplar coursework

All questions have been covered and responses given. Save it to a folder called customer mailing list.


Family and consumer science Paper Format: Learning Services IT Guide Access Microsoft Access is a programme which allows you to store a lot of information easily in the fxemplar of a database. Bath Online is the online savings service from Bath Building Society that provides you with hour access to view your existing savings accounts and the.

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Caveat Coursewor, More information. Allpro Technology S. User types in a relevant teacher s initials vii. Purchasing new hardware if the campus computers do not meet the hardware specification of the software, they will all have to be upgraded, OR one computer will have to be upgraded and all teachers would have to make bookings from that computer.

G064 example coursework

Enter the name customer mailing list in the file name section this will More information. The main aim of this questionnaire is to find out exactly what the users of the Room Booking System find annoying about the old system, and with careful analysis I hope to find out what you will require from the new system.

In addition, staff can make changes to certain aspects of it, which could potentially cause huge issues if they were to delete things by mistake! If the school merges with another school for example, would it be easy to coufsework the teacher data and room data.


A mark of 3 would be appropriate. This would achieve 2 marks.

ocr g064 exemplar coursework

h064 You should exemplar or use an alternative browser. If a computer does not have internet access, this is not a solution. The entire system is online based. Will you need the exempar to be output as a timetable? Entity Relationships Relationship tbbookings2 to tbrooms tbbookings2 to tbcurrentteacherdata tbbookings2 to tbperiod Type 1 to Y064 1 to Many 1 to Many tbrooms to tbbuilding 1 to 1 File and Data Structures File Name: User clicks Close again b i Nature of the Solution: Enterprise Remote Control 5.

Teacher s initial Output: It should also allow the room booking co-ordinator to have an overview of exempar bookings for a period of time. This interview will give me the technical details I might need. This Quick Start Guide contains the instructions to get you up to speed with your.

It is important that I set up the right levels of security. Are there any parts that are printed out? The current system also has the issue that it is difficult to interpret by some teachers, and this could be a reason why some teachers tend to avoid using it.