Effect of additive alloying element on plasma nitriding and carburizing behavior for austenitic stainless steels. Geometry, size and dimension of pipe, mini- and micro-nozzles to be processed by the present plasma nitriding. In a manner similar to the hollow cathode device in Figure 2 a, the nitrogen ion density is expected to increase along the carrier gas flow direction through the pipe and nozzle since the nitrogen atom and NH—radical flux intensity is enhanced toward the outlet of the pipe and nozzle. Since the ionization was enhanced by the carrier gas flow, the nitrogen ion density increased monotonically toward the outlet of hollow. Different types of nitriding processes have been thoroughly reviewed with their advantages and disadvantages. Hardness distribution at the vicinity of the inner surface of the through-hole in the mini-nozzle outlet. This concept of plasma generation and control was put into practice.

Hollow Cathode Device In order to ignite the nitrogen plasmas only in the nozzle through-holes as well as the pipes, the RF-plasmas were confined in the inside of electrically conductive space. Tribology Letters, 8 4 , Materials Science and Engineering: Options for accessing this content: The mini-nozzle in Table 1 is widely utilized as a guide structure to control the movement of the fibers. Low temperature high density plasma nitriding of stainless steel molds for stamping of oxide glasses.

Low Temperature Plasma Nitriding of Inner Surfaces in Stainless Steel Mini-/Micro-Pipes and Nozzles

Materials Research Express, 4 11 Evaluation of surface properties of various plasma nitrided low alloy steels. Chemical Nitridin Letters, Figure 2 a illustrated a typical hollow cathode setup.


Effect of carburizing time and wear properties on carburized heat treated Chromium Cr and Nickel- Chromium Ni-Cr steel. Plasma-based nitrogen incorporation techniques for surface modification. Materials Science and Engineering: Options for accessing this content: Nitride precipitation in salt-bath nitrided interstitial-free steel. Recent progress in plasma nitriding. The solubility of nitrogen atoms in the steel matrix have been explained through Fe-N system.

A Review on Plasma Ion Nitriding (PIN) Process

Figure 9 nitiding the SEM image of a cross section of the outlet of the through-hole. Plasma assisted nitriding of Inconel How to Cite this Article? Thermodynamic analysis of the FeN system using the compound-energy model with predictions of the vibrational entropy.

Effect of frequency on the properties of plasma nitrided AISI steel.

plasma nitriding thesis

Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, 36 7S Aizawa performed the experiments and wrote the paper; T. Effect of duty cycle on surface properties of AISI using a pulsed plasma nitriding process. Characterisation of nitrogen-bearing surface layers on Nibase superalloys.

Comparison of the measured hardness distribution toward the end of the outlet in the normal nozzle through-hole before intriding after the plasma nitriding process. Vacuum, 83 12 Modelling of diffusion—precipitation in nitrided alloyed iron. Plasma immersion ion implantation using plasmas generated by radio frequency techniques.

Applied Physics, 24 7 The inner surface of through-holes in these nozzles was sufficiently hardened, creating a hardness higher than that of the bare AISI by three to five times. In order to ignite the nitrogen plasmas only in the nozzle through-holes as well as the pipes, the RF-plasmas were confined in the inside of electrically conductive space.


plasma nitriding thesis

Journal of Metallurgy and Materials Science, 50 2 The effective hardness depth of the steel surface due to the nitrogen diffusion was measured as 0. Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A, 46 12 Influence of nitrided and carbonitrided interlayers on enhanced nucleation of diamond on stainless steel After three dimensional electromagnetic analyses in [ 16 ], the electrons are confined in the hollow by the electromagnetic shield at the outlet to enhance the ionization process. This ion density distribution was preferable to make selective nitriding of the through holes; in particular, the inner surface of nozzle outlet could be efficiently nitrided.

Investigation nitride layers and properties surfaces on pulsed plasma nitrided hot working steel AISI H This implies that a through-hole of the pipe works as a hollow cathode device, and only its inner surface is selectively nitrided.