Our most successful attempt at this saw really strong numbers:. This was specifically due to the open enrollment period for healthcare being time-sensitive. With research showing that retargeting consistently outperforms all other targeting strategies, these tactics can have some huge impacts if done right. They actually mixed both online and offline events to get the results they were looking for…. Sign up for our newsletter Subscribe. Anecdotally, I can say this account definitely saw an upward trend in conversions and improved CPAs. First, they used a tactic they referred to as integrated retargeting.

They actually mixed both online and offline events to get the results they were looking for…. Selling more than 17 million bags since , eBags knew they had huge retargeting potential, but what they did with their data was pretty creative. Sign up for our newsletter Subscribe. We wanted to improve coverage and order volume on product-specific queries, and tap into valuable keywords we had not had coverage on in the past. When the opportunity to combine Dynamic Search Ads with remarketing techniques arose, the team quickly put this into action.

An example might be serving an ad based upon the Nike shoes they came to look at on your site earlier when they are just searching for any terms under broad match [clothes].

rlsa case study

AdWords may have the biggest display reach, but AdRoll allows you to target Facebook too. Yeah it definitely takes more time. In cawe, you can create up to 2, different remarketing audiences within your account.

By using RLSA, Etihad Airways dropped its CPA by 60%

You can add the new remarketing tag to every page in your site. A lot of offline methods duplicated in an automated online environment, so it can tend to be a longer game plan but with more focused and eager leads when they hit the offer: But what if you could check a few buttons to spend less time and resources to improve your retargeting performance?


Our familiarity with a company or product plays an enormous role in how our brain reacts to it.

rlsa case study

Essentially, the premise is that you know a user is interested in your site, so why not try and serve them an ad when they are only searching for something semi-relevant. To review, having the AdWords platform automatically find retargeting opportunities that are closest to your ROAS goals is brilliant. What if grouping all audiences into the same retargeting campaign is actually doing more harm than good? Example People looking for running shoes visit a sports apparel website to check out the available styles, and look at the shoe section of the site.

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About remarketing lists for search ads – Google Ads Help

You know they are clothes shopping, so perhaps your Nike shoes ad is likely to tempt them back. An example of how RLSA might be set up. If SteelHouse is a metaphor for super solid retargeting strategies, then this retargeting solution surely picked a great company name.

When people visit your homepage, for example, the cookies associated with their browsers are added to the remarketing list. Graph charting different approaches to CRO based on awareness. Target old customers to re-engage.

7 Retargeting Case Studies That’ll Boost Your Current Campaigns

Conversion Optimizer is an AdWords function that allows you to set your remarketing campaign on autopilot while using machine learning to find the best possible combination of targeting metrics to get you a conversion. For example, RLSA helps in pre-qualifying a user and adds a level of audience intelligence to the approach.

So in an addition to having an unfair advantage, what else did Chubbies do to achieve those impressive retargeting stats? For example, the brand built remarketing lists based on the months that customers had looked at while using the booking calendar.


I tend to specialise in higher ticket items so I follow a process of relationship building towards the sale. Lrsa helped drive performance for the brand’s paid search efforts, and its role in offering Starwood customers a more relevant ad experience was paramount. Anecdotally, I can say this account definitely saw an casw trend in conversions and improved CPAs.

Second, they defined these audiences by funnel stage, location, on-site behavior, and Internet service provider ISP. Since its launch, it has become one of the fastest growing airlines in the history of commercial aviation.

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Google Ads Fix Issue. If you think this article’s good, you should subscribe to our part gifographic series to receive a new one in your inbox every day. This was specifically due to the open enrollment period for healthcare being time-sensitive. Virgin Experience Days offer a huge range of participatory activities, from cream teas to skydiving.

Payment methods and settings Basic billing tasks Promotions and coupons Refunds and adjustments Taxes Issues with payments and charges. To reconnect with these past site visitors as they looked for the perfect hotel, Starwood turned to remarketing lists for search ads. By submitting this form, you agree to Third Door Media’s terms. Cawe do so, they reached out to Merchenta a retargeting software company to help get more website visitors into their local Mazda dealerships by way of some smart PPC ads.

Czse, someone who has heard of your site should be valued differently from someone who has not.