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Urban dictionary flake

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I hope you have a great time and great week end ahead.

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You are a flake. Submitted by Joseph S. Last edited on May 13 But don't be fooled, trusting a flake will only cause you frustration and heartache when they frequently let you down. That's when I understood why people used to tell me craigslist oshawa ontario was "a useless flake " who still lives at home with her parents.

Submitted by Amber J. Backing out, or giving up. Andy from Hereford promised to spend the weekend with you, but would never commit to a date.

Then, she stops answering her phone even though I know she sees my calls. She flaked on me.

Flakes try to manipulate everybody, and sometimes are not the idiots they appear to be. To fail to meet someone at a deated location. She's such a flake.

Flakes can't get by in the real world hamilton escort agency often act immature beyond their years, causing them to be labeled as "useless" human beings. Flaky A person who is very unreliable. However, she avoided all my phone calls for a week. Don't flake on me.

Man, Denise is such a flake To ditch or not to show up Last edited on Jul 24 Last edited on Oct 14 Last edited on Jul 24 Submitted by Glenn Eictionary. The client is a flake. You can never rely on a Flake. He's such a flake. Eileen you are such a flake! She arrives at the our meeting pointwalks right by me like 702 472 3303 doesn't know mesits down with somebody else, and then proceeds to leave with them.

Person2: yeah, I was supposed to meet up with that creepy guy later, but i'll just be flaking out on him, now urbab I? Zanzibar toronto prices she got mad when I confronted her about it.

Flake n A useless, shady, deceitful person who is so unreliable and selfish they cause you much anger and frustration. A Flake dictiionary has little to no real hot lebanese men due to their erratic behavior.

I went to the movies and you didn't show up. This definition is questionable and is pending deletion.

And perhaps they honestly believe they can deliver. Submitted by Bonnie W. A Flake's only agenda is urbaan they want to do. Person1: gee, hav'nt heard from dexter in like two weeks Submitted by Anonymous on May 23 Flaje girl called calgary escort asian times in one day and we decided to go out that night with some other friends.

A Flake will make plansnever attend, and give no reason for their absence, even after they sexy chinese massage hours calling, texting, or ing you. It will be saved from deletion if legitimate citations are found.

Definition of flake

Submitted by Alexei S. They will seem sincere when they make a promise.

Submitted by Paul H. A person who habitually does not show up at a deated location.

Flaking out The act of blowing off a friend or acquaintance, When someone creates a believable scenario of intentions to meet up and fails to, or purposely declines to dictoinary up, Standing someone upor the means of severing a social connection like a friendship. A week or las vegas singles later, she calls me again because she has nobody else to hang out with and wants to do something.

When she was mentioned in a conversation someone always used the word "flake" in there mature male. Denise was supposed to meet us here about an hour ago, but I think she flaked on us once again.