This site uses cookies. For now, just get your ass in a chair and write. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Students will demonstrate ongoing competence in one creative and one pratical genre. In addition to stints as an actor and stand-up comedian, he has taught journalism, media studies, English composition and writing at several colleges in the tri-state region, and was recognized as Adjunct Faculty Member of the Year in by Marist College.

I loved playing cops and robbers when I was growing up, either in my head or with friends. What works for me might not work for you, and vice versa. He joined the Department in Fall Getting published is just one step on the staircase of the writing life. We all have different tastes. Pearl Jacket and Other Stories:

All are welcome to attend and read. Since then, he has served as a faculty mentor in the program, focusing on the same genres he did as a student: Titles include When the Purple Mountain Burns. Come celebrate the end of the semester and our newly-minted MFA grads!

Also, coming from my journalism background, I tended to look at the reporting and then writing of a story as puzzles. Following a year career as an award-winning journalist, he continues to freelance for regional magazines and newspapers, Roche is also a full-time faculty member in the WCSU Writing Dept.


Hey Crestive, I wrote a Star Trek opinion piece, and got it published by blackgirlnerds.

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He is also an Iraqi War veteran and retired from the U. This site uses cookies. As a crime writer, you get to be both. Program Goals The MFA in Creative and Professional Writing seeks to provide writers with the skills they need to maintain professional writing careers. Poor Yorick also works in conjunction with museums both locally and nationally creatove identify and encourage innovative works focusing on lesser-known and overlooked objects and images.

I wrote a Star Trek opinion piece, and got it published by blackgirlnerds.

AWP: Guide to Writing Programs

Are all processes equal? She is an award-winning screenwriter, director, author, and international media consultant with over on-screen credits.

As the semester winds down, I wanted to take a moment to share a friendly reminder of some of the exciting events we have coming up that you cgeative all welcome to attend: Her current work is in creative nonfiction, with special interests in history and culture.

Additionally, the student will work in a multigenre workshop each semester, which will involve reading, critiquing, and possibly writing in disciplines other than the two specializations. One word after another.

This Week’s Spotlight: John Roche | MFA Creative & Professional Writing

Wanting to only write great stuff is perhaps the greatest obstacle to just writing. She has been involved with books and writing for as long as she can remember. Her non-corporate publications include articles on collectibles and the arts.


wcsu creative writing

Pantsers go by the seat of their pants, without any planning or very little. Guide to Writing Programs.

He is currently writing a second novel and working on other creative projects. Her award-winning anthology, Press Pause Moments: She is a journalist and managing editor of the bilingual — Esta Vida Boricua: Mark cdeative teaches advertising, business communications, marketing communications and public relations as an adjunct professor at Baruch College, New York University and Manhattanville College.

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Erik Ofgang specializes in journalism, literary nonfiction, literary journalism, and PR writing. Martin to Dorothy Parker. I am pleased to crreative you, on behalf of the students, to two opportunities to hear some of the amazing work creattive by WCSU Writing Majors this semester. He has also written about baseball travel for ESPN. Join us on Thursday and share some of your work!

I broke my nose five times, never while writing. What is your process?